30 Jul 2023

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind With This Secret Technique (INSTANT RESULTS) !

Here I'll tell you, how you can easily reprogram your subconscious mind in just few seconds and how it can completely change your life.
Imagine your friends are planning a picnic and you are not interested in joining them. But they persistently urge you to come along.
You are repeatedly saying "Guys I don't want to go on the picnic". "I don't want to go on the picnic"
And finally you find yourself joining them.
But you don't know that you did a mistake here.
You actually unknowingly programmed your subconscious mind to go to the picnic and your subconscious mind made it your reality.
Didn't get it?
Ok, let me explain.
Actually our subconscious mind doesn't understand the meaning of "No".
There is no image associated with "No"
For example if I ask you "Don't think about a dog"
I am sure a dog appeared in your mind.
Ok, this time don't think about a mango.
Is there anyone who didn't think about the mango? Let me know in the comment.
So it is the way your subconscious mind works.
But what mistake you did that wrongly programmed your subconscious mind against your will.
Notice what were you saying repeatedly?
You were saying "I don't want to go on the picnic".
By saying this your subconscious mind is getting mainly two types of images, first is to "Go" and other one is the "picnic". There is no image of "don't".
So basically you are programing your powerful subconscious mind to Go to the Picnic and this finally happened.
So you must learn to take advantage of the immense power of your subconscious mind by programming it in right way.
So instead of saying negative sentences like "I don't want to go on the picnic" you should say with full confidence, what you actually want.
You might say "I will stay at my home and will do my homework".
This is the right way to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Instantly

28 Jul 2023

Do This 5 Minutes Before You Sleep - Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind While You Sleep !

Here is a secret that can change your life completely forever. Do you know that last 5 minutes of the day just before you go to sleep at night are the most crucial moments of the day? In those moments you enter into your subconscious mind. Let me tell you that your brain tends to produce theta waves when you're sleeping or dreaming. In this state our awareness goes down. Therefore our brain easily accepts what it's been told without analyzing it. Our subconscious mind has no logical power. It cannot distinguish between right or wrong. It doesn't understand what's possible and what is not.
So when we are about to sleep, is the best time we can easily program our mind as we wish. It's like self- hypnosis. So you have two choices just before sleeping.
First choice is, you may recall or analyze whatever you and others did the whole day. What mistakes others committed. Your hate and disappointments etc.
When you feed this type of negative stuff in your theta state of mind, your subconscious mind accepts it easily. So when you wake up in the morning, it offers you the same things that matches with what you fed to it last night. It's the reason why we see no changes in our life when we don't change our thinking pattern. Actually same repetitive patterns of thinking create the same reality for us.
So we must learn to reprogram our subconscious mind with what we want to manifest in our life by changing the old thinking pattern.
Now comes the second choice that we have just before sleeping. Instead of complaining or analyzing our whole day you should think and try to feel deeply, what you want in your life and all the positive thoughts like I am feeling peaceful. I am grateful to everything I have. I am full of love and compassion for myself and others. I am feeling abundance and so on.
As I already said, subconscious mind doesn't have logical power. So it doesn't know the difference between your imagination and present reality. So when you get up, your subconscious mind matches incidents, people and everything by creating a filter and attracts the vibrations that resonate with your last night programing. Hence you start to see those things happening in your life. That's the miracle of your subconscious mind.

Do this 5 minutes before you go to sleep

30 Jun 2023

Top 10 Unknown Facts About JESUS CHRIST - Jesus Christ Birth, Wife, Miracles, Death & Resurrection !

Here are Top 10 Unknown Facts about Jesus Christ related to his early life (Birth), Siblings, appearance, marital status, occupation, education, miracles, language, death and resurrection.
The central figure of Christianity is still Jesus Christ, as he is represented in the Bible and historical accounts. Even while there is a wealth of knowledge accessible about Jesus, some details are still open to interpretation or are not explicitly stated. Here are some interesting or controversial facts about Jesus Christ.

*Early Life of Jesus: The Bible only gives a very brief account of Jesus' life from the time of his birth to the beginning of his public ministry, which began when he was about 30 years old. The so-called "lost years" were a period of time that has not been well-researched.
Some myths and beliefs claim that Jesus travelled to Egypt or India at this period, yet there isn't much proof to back up these claims.

*Siblings of Jesus:
Jesus' siblings are mentioned in the New Testament. These include James, Joseph Judas, and Simon.
Scholars disagree on the exact nature of these connections, with some arguing that they were Jesus' biological siblings while others suggest they were close relatives or even disciples.

*Appearance of Jesus: Jesus' appearance is unclear because there is no physical description of him in the Bible. It's important to remember that Jesus was born and raised in the Middle East, thus his look would have most likely matched the physical traits of the region. Traditional representations of Jesus frequently show him with European features.
The widely accepted conception of Jesus as having long hair and a beard is mostly based on creative interpretations and historical cultural images.
The Gospel of Matthew describes Jesus as "being like God's Son" during his transfiguration, which suggests a radiant or divine appearance, but it does not provide specific physical details.

*Marital status of Jesus: Jesus' marital status is not mentioned in the New Testament. There are assertions and theories, such as the concept that Jesus might have been wed to Mary Magdalene or engaged in other romantic relationships, however these notions are not backed by historical data and are instead mostly based on alternate readings of certain texts or non-biblical sources.
Although it has long been believed that Jesus was single, neither side is supported by concrete proof.

*Jesus' occupation:
Although Jesus is frequently referred to as a carpenter or a carpenter's son, but the New Testament does not specifically state that Jesus was a carpenter prior to the commencement of his ministry. He is referred to as a "tekton" in the Gospels, a Greek word that is frequently translated as "carpenter" but this word can also signify a craftsman or builder.

*Education of Jesus: The Gospels highlight Jesus' profound wisdom and knowledge, yet they make no reference of his formal education or training.
It is unknown, how he attained his knowledge of the Scriptures and his power for authoritative teachings.

*Miracles performed by Jesus: Although the Bible lists many of the miracles that Jesus performed, there may have been other miracles that were not documented in the biblical stories. Even the Gospels admit that not all of Jesus' actions were documented.

*Language of Jesus: Jesus most likely spoke Aramaic, which was widely used in the area at the time. Hebrew and Greek were also commonly spoken there, so it's possible that he also had knowledge of these languages too.

*Death of Jesus: Although the crucifixion of Jesus is a well-known event, academics continue to debate the precise physiological cause of his death. While asphyxiation was the usual cause of death from crucifixion, some theories suggest that Jesus might have died of a combination of causes, such as hypovolemic shock and cardiac rupture.

*Resurrection of Jesus: One of the major beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead. While the New Testament provides accounts of Jesus' resurrection and subsequent appearances, the nature and mechanics of the resurrection itself remain a mystery and a matter of faith.

Top 10 Unknown Facts About JESUS CHRIST

7 Jun 2023

The Ship of Theseus Paradox - The Most Famous Paradox in Philosophy

Here is one of the most interesting paradox in the history known as "The ship of Theseus paradox".
Suppose there is a ship. Each part of this ship is replaced gradually with a new part. Finally every original component has been replaced. 
Now can you tell me, is the resulting ship still the same ship or the new one? 
Let's find out...
On one hand, we can argue that the ship is the same as every part of the ship has been replaced but the original structure and functionality is still the same. 
On the other hand, we may argue that this ship is completely different as eventually there is nothing left in the ship that we can say of its own because none of the original components remain.
If we believe that the ship is still the same even after all of its parts have been replaced, it shows that identity can be retained through continuity and function. However, if we claim that the ship has changed and now it's a new ship, it implies that the ship's identity is dependent on the persistence of certain material components.
Here, there is one more question that is difficult to answer... 
After how many changes the ship changed from the old one to the new one. How long it preserved it's identity? 

"The Ship of Theseus Paradox" Explained

12 Oct 2022

Scientists Discovered A Massive Ocean Near Earth's Core 3 Times Bigger Than All Oceans Combined

Scientists Discover Ocean Near Earths Core. A massive ocean, almost 3 times bigger than all oceans present on Earth, has been discovered near Earth's core. This was announced by scientists from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. 

This gigantic reservoir of water is present between the upper and lower mantles of the Earth.

This groundbreaking discovery shows that Earth's water cycle also involves our planet's interior.

Our scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades.

This underground reservoir of water is present at the depth of nearly 700 kilometers.

Scientists have discovered an ocean nearly times bigger than all the oceans on Earth  combined, near earth's core
Massive Ocean Near Earth Core Detected

According to the most prominent theory, water present on earth came from outer space by asteroids or comets.

This theory says, the primordial inner solar system was too hostile for water to form or exist on the Earth in any form.

The hydrogen atoms would strip away from the molecule of water due to intense ultraviolet light from the young sun.

Therefore it is believed that water was formed farther out in the solar system. This water was carried to earth by asteroids, when they later crashed into much cooler earth.

But after this new discovery, scientists suggest that actually oceans oozed out of the early Earth's interior. This underground water cycle back up gradually due to tectonic plates.

According to the researchers, molecules of water are trapped inside a blue rock called "Ringwoodite" which is situated in the mantle layer of Earth.

Here you need to know that Mantle is found between the crust and core of the Earth.

The Ringwoodite's crystal structure has a special quality that it attracts hydrogen and can trap large amounts of water inside it, like a sponge.

Hence it has been confirmed that oceans enter the transition zone with subducting plates, which was just a theory for a long time.

7 Jul 2022

What is Electronics and Branches of Electronics - Electronics Engineering

This article explains, What is Electronics and What are different Branches of Electronics. It Provides the Basic Introduction to electronics along with the definition of electronics. Here you will be introduced to Branches of electronics like Analog electronics, Digital electronics, Power electronics, Microelectronics, Circuit design electronics, Integrated circuits electronics, Optoelectronics, Embedded systems electronics and semiconductor devices electronics.

Electronics and Branches of Electronics Video

So first lets start with Electronics definition-

Definition of Electronics

Electronics is a science that deals with electrical devices and circuits that operate by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles. This branch of science deals with how electrons behave in gases, vacuum or semiconductors. Following are the different branches of Electronics with some details about each branch

Branches of Electronics

1.Analog electronics Analogue electronics deals with analogue signals. Analogue signals are continuously variable signals. This is in contrast to the digital signals that generally take only two levels. 2.Digital electronics The digital electronics deals with digital signals. Digital Signals are the signals that take usually 2 levels. 3.Power electronics Power Electronics acts as an interface between the electrical source and electrical load. It is the application of solid state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. 4.Microelectronics As clear by the name itself, microelectronics is the branch of Electronics that is related to the electronic designs at very small level. 5.Circuit design electronics The circuit design includes, designing basic electronic components to complex electronic systems. 6.Integrated circuits electronics Integrated circuits are commonly known as IC in short. An integrated circuit is a small chip that may contain millions of electronic components like resistors, capacitors or transistors. 7.Optoelectronics As the name suggests, the optoelectronics is the branch of Electronics that combines optics (light) with electronics. It includes the use of light sources, light detectors and mechanism to carry and control light. 8.Embedded systems electronics Embedded systems are the systems that are designed to perform a fixed function with no or minimum human interference. Embedded systems are controlled by a real time operating system and are the combination of computer hardware and software. 9.Semiconductor devices electronics Semiconductor devices make use of semiconductor materials like silicon, Germanium, gallium arsenide. The conductivity of semiconductors lie between that of conductors and insulators.

Planets and Stars Size Comparison - Planets Size Comparison- Stars Size Comparison- Size of Universe

In this video you will get the Planets and Stars Size Comparison in 3D. Planets size of our Solar System has been compared along with the star size comparison. Our universe contains planets and stars of different sizes. This video will help you to get an idea about how much different is there in the sizes of Planets and Stars in the universe. You can observe the comparison of sizes of our planet earth with other Planets and comparison of size of sun with other stars.
You will realize how small is our Planet earth and our star sun in comparison to other planets and stars.

Planets and Stars Size Comparison

This video covers the size comparison of the following planets and stars along with their diameters in kilometers-
Diameter of Moon 3500 km
Diameter of Mercury 4900 km
Diameter of Mars 6800 km
Diameter of Venus 12000 km
Diameter of Earth 13000 km
Diameter of Neptune 50000 km
Diameter of Uranus 51000 km
Diameter of Saturn 120000 km
Diameter of Jupiter 140000 km
Diameter of Proxima Centauri 200000 km
Diameter of the Sun 1400000 km
Diameter of Sirius A 2500000 km
Diameter of Vega 3800000 km
Diameter of Arcturus 36000000 km
Diameter of Rigel 97000000 km
Diameter of Betelgeuse 1300000000 km
Diameter of VY Canis Majoris 2000000000 km
Diameter of UY Scuti 2400000000 km

6 Jul 2022

Best Physics Game Android - Brain It On Gameplay - Brain It On Walkthrough - Brain It On Solutions

This is the Best Physics Game for Android. Here you will get Brain it On Gameplay. Brain it On is an amazing game that will help to improve your logical thinking and analytical skills. Brain it On game is based on rules of Physics.
I have provided here Brain it On walkthrough and Brain it On solutions for level 1-10.
I hope you would love this game.
Enjoy the Gameplay of Brain it On !!!

Brain it on Gameplay

4 Jul 2022

How to Visualize Higher Dimensions - Dimensions Explained - How to Draw Dimensions

Do you know that we can visualize higher dimensions by drawing them on a sheet of paper. Here I have explained higher dimensions starting from the Zero Dimension (0 dimension) to the Eighth Dimension (8th dimension) by Drawing the dimensions. You can use the same technique to draw further higher dimensions.

This video explains 0 dimension, 1st dimension, 2nd dimension, 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, 7th dimension and 8th dimensions.

How to Visualize Higher Dimensions Video

Let's begin our journey of explaining and drawing from zero dimension to eighth dimension. We will start with the Zero (0) dimension. Here on the screen we have a single point having no length, no width and no height. As it has no dimension, it is called as the zero dimension. Now if we double the number of points then we enter into a one dimensional (1st dimension) world having only 1 dimension i.e. length. So in the first dimension we only get a straight line having no width or height. Now let's double the points again and this is, what we call as the second dimension (2nd Dimension). Observe here it has only two dimensions length and width. So it is a plane surface having no height or depth dimension. To enter into the third dimension (3rd dimension) let's again double the points and we get the third dimension. As you can see here, the third dimension contains 3 dimensions which are length, width and height. On adding third dimension I.e. height to the second dimensional plain object, they become the third dimensional solid objects. We all live in a three dimensional world. Now to draw and understand the fourth dimension (4th Dimension) we again need to double the points and here we are in the fourth dimension. Observe carefully that to draw fourth dimension we need to join respective points of both the cubes which are three dimensional objects. Now let's repeat the process of doubling the points to enter into the next higher dimension. So to draw the fifth dimension (5th Dimension) all you need to do is just double the number of points that we used to draw the fourth dimension and join the similar points respectively as shown in the video and you will know how would the fifth dimensional space look like. By continuing the same process of doubling the points of a dimension, we can draw the next higher dimensions. Although the concept of drawing the next higher dimension is easy but as you can see here, it becomes more and more complex as we continue. So here for drawing the Sixth dimension (6th dimension), Seventh dimension (7th dimension) and Eighth dimensions (8th Dimensions). I am just showing you the doubling of points only without joining the lines as it would be too complicated and messy for me to draw and also for you to understand. As you now know how to do it so You can do it by yourself for fun. So friends I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw any dimension just by following a simple rule of doubling the points. #Dimensions #VisualizeDimensions #DrawDimensions

10 Jun 2022

The Weird World of 4th Dimension explained with Examples - 4th Dimension - Fourth Dimension

4th Dimension Explained and Visualized (Examples)

Let's understand the weird world of fourth dimension with some exciting examples. Suppose a three -dimensional being enters into the world of two-dimensional beings. Let's call the 2 dimensional beings flatlanders.
In a two dimensional world, all the beings and their objects are flat having only length and breadth.
There is nothing like above or below for them. So flatlanders cannot see anything which is above or below their 2D plane. The 3D being would seem like a superhuman to the flatlanders.
Now suppose that person from the 3rd dimension wants to steal an object placed inside the safe of a flatlander.

Fourth Dimension Video

Let me remind you that the safe of the flatlander would also be flat may be like a rectangle, square or of circular shape.
The boundaries of the safe are enough for the flatlanders to keep their flat objects secure, as they cannot take out objects from the flat safe simply by moving it from above or below their 2D plane.
But a 3D being can easily take out the object kept in the flat safe through the 3rd dimension simply by picking it up.
Just like we can pick any object placed inside a ring.
But this extremely simple task of 3D being of picking up the object is enough to blow the mind of the 2D being.
He would have no idea, how someone can steal the object from the safe without opening or breaking the walls of the safe!!!
Not only this, if the 3rd dimensional being is present below or above the flatland of the two dimensional being, the flatlander cannot even see the 3D being. Because they can only see things lying in the plane of their flatland.
In the same way a 4 dimensional being can easily take out objects kept inside a 3 dimensional closed box without opening or breaking it.
He can remove the object through the 4th dimension and a 3D being like us would wonder, where the object has gone?
Actually one extra dimension- the 4th dimension, is available to the 4D being to interact with the object. Beings of 3rd dimensions can't see or perceive that fourth dimension. For 3D humans like us, that object would simply seem to disappear from the box.
As we know that 2 dimensional structures like a square, triangle or circle cannot bound 3D beings like us.
We would easily escape from the 3rd dimension that is perpendicular to the plane of these 2D shapes.
You will be surprised to know that the fourth dimensional beings cannot be bounded by 3 dimensional structures like closed box or cage. They would escape through the 4th dimension without opening or breaking the box.
So we 3D humans cannot imprison the 4 dimensional beings.
Now we will visualize the fourth dimension using the method of cross section of objects.
If a 3 dimensional object passes through the 2 dimensional plane, the beings living in the 2nd dimension would only see the cross section of the 3D object cut by that 2D plane.
Because a person living in two dimensional world can only see the objects that are present in its 2D plane. It is not possible for him to see anything which is above or below its two dimensional plane.
Let's try to visualize this with the help of an interesting example.
Suppose an apple which is a 3D object, enters into the world of 2 dimensional beings.
The flatlanders would not be able to see the Apple until it touches their flatland as it is not possible for them to see anything that is not present in their plane.
But when the Apple just touches the 2D plane, it appears as a dot to the flatlanders. As the apple passes through the 2D surface of the flatlanders, the apple will appear as a growing circle. The circle appears to grow until it reaches the diameter of the apple.
When the Apple keeps moving perpendicular to the plane, the circle will appear smaller and smaller, then again a point and finally, when it leaves the flatland, it will disappear from the eyes of the flatlanders.
But let me tell you that two dimensional beings would have one dimensional retina in their eyes, so they
would not see the apple as a growing circle.
Actually one dimensional projection of the circle would be projected on their one dimensional retina.
If you didn't get this concept of retina, let me explain, how we see our 3 dimensional world with our eyes.
We are three dimensional beings and we have two dimensional retina.
On this two dimensional retina, 2D images of 3D objects are formed.
This is actually the two dimensional projection of the 3D objects. But our brain is smart enough to create a 3D model of the object from this 2D projection on our 2 dimensional retina.
The brain gathers 2 dimensional information like lightening, shadow gradient and perspective from our eyes. Then after processing it, the brain creates an image with depth.
Therefore we can not see 3D objects in their entirety as we only get 2D projection of the 3D objects on our 2 dimensional retina.
For example, if there is a opaque closed box, we cannot see what's inside it. It's also not possible for 3D beings like us to see all the surfaces of the box simultaneously.
To see the box in its entirety, we need to see it from different angles separately. But we can see a two dimensional object in its entirety because of our 2D retina.
For example we can see a rectangle in its entirety, it's all sides and also it's complete inner area at the same time.
In the same way, a 4 dimensional being would be able to see a 3 dimensional object in its entirety.
It would be possible for him because of his 3D retina. The entire 3D projection of the 3D object would be formed on their 3D retina.
So a being of 4th dimension would be able to see all the surfaces of the solid objects simultaneously. He would easily see what's present inside a closed box or what's happening on the other side of the wall.
It would be possible for him to see all the internal organs of your body and many other incredible things like this.
But the 4 dimensional beings would not be able to see the four dimensional objects in its entirety as they don't have 4D retina. So only 3D projection of the 4D object would be formed on their 3D retina.
Friends, There is one more way that can be used to visualize the 4 dimensional world. This method is called the bounding volumes.
As we know that 2 dimensional objects are bounded by one-dimensional boundaries.
For example- A two dimensional square is bounded by one dimensional edges.
In the same way three dimensional objects are bounded by two dimensional surfaces. For example- A 3 dimensional cube is bounded by 2 dimensional square faces.
So by applying the dimensional analogy we may infer that a four dimensional object is bounded by three-dimensional volumes.
It has also been proved by mathematics that a 4 dimensional structure known as the Tesseract is bounded by 3 dimensional cubes.
Actually tesseract is the four dimensional analogue of the cube which is also called as the hypercube or the 4D cube.
It is considered as one of the simplest 4D shape.
A tesseract can be drawn by drawing two 3D cubes, one encompassing the other, on a 2 dimensional plane. We now connect the respective 8 vertices of both the cubes.
Actually these 8 lines that connect the vertices of both the cubes represent a "single direction" in the 4th dimension, that we can not see.
Guys, we have already seen many superpowers of a 4 dimensional being related to space but now we will see, how the 4D being can control time.
The 4 dimensional being would be able to move freely in time dimension; in the past or in future.
That being would also be able to go back in time and change his decisions and start a new timeline.
But let me tell you that parallel universes do not exist in the fourth dimension, because of this, he would be able to have only single timeline. Therefore his old timeline will end and new timeline will start based on his changed decision.

4 Jun 2022

Higher Dimensions Explained - 11 Dimensions Explained - All Dimensions Explained

If you want deep understanding and visualization of all the dimensions starting from 0th dimension to the 11th dimension, then you have come to the right place.
As you will continue to read the article; you will understand- what are dimensions, how many dimensions are there according to different theories, how we can visualize higher dimensions and what is the geometrical structure of higher dimensions.
Here I will also explain why we are not able to perceive higher dimensions although we might be living in higher dimensions unknowingly and what supernatural powers a being of higher dimensions would possess.
So please go through this post till the end as most of your questions related to dimensions will be answered here.
First of all let's understand what we mean by dimensions?

What are Dimensions?

Dimension of a point is defined as the minimum number of coordinates that are needed to specify that point in it.
For example, to specify a sheet of paper we need two coordinates only; length and breadth. Therefore it is a two dimensional object.
But to specify a cube in space 3 coordinates are needed these are- length breadth and height. Therefore we call it a three dimensional object.

How many dimensions are there in the universe?

According to classical physics there are 3 dimensions of space; length, breadth and height and one dimension is of time. String theory requires 10 dimensions but as per M theory total no. of dimensions are 11. In Bosonic string theory spacetime is 26 dimensional.

Why we cannot perceive higher dimensions?

Actually We might be living in higher dimensions without being aware of it. But because of the limitations of our brain and senses we may not be able to perceive them.
According to some researches extra dimensions may be "curled up" at extremely small scales. This scale is so small that we can not see them with our experiments based on current technologies. As we live in a three dimensional world, it's very hard for our 3 dimensional brain to visualize higher dimensions.
There is a process known as compactification, where higher dimensions are curled in on themselves. On changing our reference frame and going into microscopic level we will find higher dimensions.
Let me explain it with the help of a simple example-
Suppose we are looking at a rope from some distance which is tied between two rocks. From this distance we will see only one dimension of the rope i.e. length. Now Imagine that an ant is crawling onto the rope. So from the frame of reference of ant, the rope is at least 2 dimensional as it can see it's breadth and thickness also along with its length. The ant can also feel the grooves and roughness of the rope.
If we go to microscopic level and see from the reference frame of atoms then we will see a whole new world of 3 dimensional atoms having solid nucleus and electrons revolving around it in 3 dimensional space.
On going further into the microscopic level of strings inside the atom, we will see that strings are vibrating in 11 dimensions. Everything in this universe is made up of tiny vibrating loops known as strings according to string theory.
So now you can understand how we can find higher dimensions at the microscopic level.

11 Dimensions Explained Video


Now I will discuss every dimension, starting from the zero dimension to the eleventh dimension.

0th Dimension (Zeroth Dimension)

There is no length, no breadth and no height of an object in the zeroth dimension. Example of zeroth dimension is a point.
Lets imagine someone is living in the zeroth dimension then he would neither have any body nor any shape. He can not move in any direction like forward, reverse, up or down. zeroth dimension is the basis of all the higher dimensions.

1st Dimension (First Dimension)

An object in first dimension has only one dimension i.e. length. A straight line is an example of first dimensional object. We can get straight line by joining two points.
A one Dimensional being can move only in a straight line. It cannot move in other dimensions like left, right and upward or downwards directions.

2nd Dimension (Second Dimension)

Second dimensional objects also known as two dimensional or 2D objects are flat shapes. Some common examples of two dimensional shapes are squares and triangles.
As the name denotes, two dimensional objects are made up of two dimensions length and breadth. There is no third dimension of height or depth. Therefore these objects are flat figures having non zero area but zero volume.
If someone is living in two dimensions, then he would be able to move only on a surface without being able to move in up or down directions.
He will not have any idea of the third dimension which is height.
Can you imagine what will happen when a 3 dimensional object enters into the world of two dimensional being? Let's understand it with an interesting example.
Suppose a two dimensional being present in his two dimensional space is watching a three-dimensional apple entering into his flatland world on a vertical axis perpendicular to the plane of the flatlander.
But as we know a two dimensional being cannot see a three dimensional object. So how would that 3 dimensional apple look like from the frame of reference of that flatlander?
He can not see the Apple until it touches his 2 dimensional plane as it's above his flatland and he cannot see anything which is above or below his 2 dimensional plane world.
but as the Apple just touches the plane, he will see a dot which is nothing but the point of contact of the Apple to the plane.  Now as the Apple goes below his plane world, he sees a circle growing in size on his plane and the size of the circle is maximum when half of the Apple is Above and half is below the plane and then the circle size becomes smaller and smaller and then a point and finally it disappears for him.
It means the 2 dimensional being sees only the cross sectional view of the Apple that is cut by his 2 dimensional plane at that moment.
So for a person living in a particular dimension, objects of higher dimensions suddenly may appear from nowhere, may change shapes and size and then disappear into space. It may appear supernatural or kind of magic for a lower dimensional being but for that higher dimensional object it's nothing special. It just moves in dimensions that are not perceived by him.

3rd Dimension (Third Dimension)

On adding one more dimension to 2 dimensional objects we enter into the world of three dimensions. This third dimension is of height.
Therefore to represent three dimensional or 3D objects we need three coordinates length, breadth and height.
As we have Already discussed that two dimensional objects are plane figures therefore have zero volume.
But three dimensional objects are solid objects and therefore have non zero volume.
Some common daily life examples of three dimensional things are balls, chair, car and we humans.
We live in a three dimensional world. This is the reason we can move in forward, reverse, up and down directions easily.
as we have full control over the three dimensions of space.

4th Dimension (Fourth Dimension)

Time is considered the fourth dimension. A four Dimensional being can move freely in time dimension. It would have full control over time. He would be able to move in any desired direction in time; past or future.
Suppose you are living in a four dimensional world then you would be able to go to a certain point in time in past and change your decisions.
But we humans are 3 dimensional beings, therefore have full control over the three dimensions of space but we are forced to move only in one direction in time; the forward direction, as we are three dimensional beings.
But if we consider the fourth dimension from the geometrical point of view then Hypercube is a 4 dimensional object. It is also called a Tesseract.
The relationship between a hypercube and a cube is same as that of cube and square. So in simple terms a hypercube or tesseract is four dimensional analog of the cube.
As a cube has 6 square faces, in the same way hypersurface of a tesseract consists of 8 cubical cells.

5th Dimension (Fifth Dimension)

A person living in 5th dimension can control time in different ways. A fifth dimensional being can move either in past or future as per his wish.
He would have all the powers that are possessed by a fourth dimensional being.
But he would also be able to be present at different locations at the same time. It would also be possible for him to do many jobs and have different hobbies simultaneously.
Actually Parallel universes exist in this dimension, therefore in the fifth dimension you can I have careers in different fields. In this case, you will have another versions of yourself in parallel universes who would be living their lives independently. They would have separate timelines for the parallel universes. Their lives in different parallel universes will be based on cause and effect. It means their lives will change as per the decisions made by your self versions in different universes.
But one limitation of fifth dimension is that you cannot meet your self version in directly using shortcuts to another timeline of parallel universe.

6th Dimension (Sixth Dimension)

A six dimensional being has all the powers that a person living in 5th dimension has along with some extra capabilities.
Parallel universes exist also in the 6th dimension. A six dimensional being can see all the presents, pasts and futures of all the parallel universes.
But one limitation of the sixth dimension is that all the parallel universes must have the same beginning (initial conditions) that is the Big Bang.
Like in the fifth dimension, in the sixth, dimension also you are free to choose multiple careers of your choice and your multiple versions can live their lives simultaneously in parallel universes.
As I already discussed, one problem with the fifth dimension was, you can not meet your self version in another parallel universe directly using shortcuts.
But the sixth dimension is free from this limitation. You can easily jump from the timeline of your universe to any point present on the timeline of any parallel universe.

7th Dimension (Seventh Dimension)

Seventh dimension can have infinite number of universes. A seventh dimensional being can have infinite forms of itself and can move from one universe to any other universe.
All the powers are possessed by a 7th dimensional being that a sixth dimensional being has.
The seventh dimension is free from the limitations of the sixth dimension.
The 7th dimensional universes may have originated from different start conditions.
And a person living in the seventh dimension can have infinite forms of itself which are able to move freely between all the infinite number of universes at his will. These infinite number of universes may have originated from different initial conditions not just the big bang.

8th Dimension (Eighth Dimension)

The eighth dimension has a plane of all the possible presents, pasts and futures for all the infinite number of parallel universes and all these infinite universes extend up to infinity.
String Theory says in the eighth dimension objects do not have any physical existence. You may think of it analogous to our digital world, where we can not touch the objects but only can see or hear them. They can change shapes, size and appear or disappear instantly. So it may be somewhat similar to the virtual reality.

9th Dimension (Ninth Dimension)

Infinite number of universes exist in the ninth dimension. It is possible for the universes in the ninth dimension to have their own laws of Physics and separate conditions and probabilities of their origin.
You will be surprised to know that in the ninth dimension many civilizations or aliens may live simultaneously at the same place. These coexisting civilizations may not see or feel the presence of each other.
The ninth dimensional being would have mind boggling super powers. That being would be capable of going to any point in time- past, present or future of any infinite number of universes.
He would have no physical form and would be able to move freely in space and time in any of the universes.

10th Dimension (Tenth dimension)

The 10th dimensional being would have infinite powers. He would be able to do  the things that are beyond your imagination.
He would be able to control even the spacetime and everything present in all the infinite number of universes.
So what would you call that 10th dimensional being who is infinitely powerful.
I think we can call him The God!!!
Some researches also suggest that God lives in the 10th dimension.

11th Dimension (Eleventh Dimension)

Many unanswered questions were arised when the superstring theory was introduced. Therefore to answer these questions, eleventh dimension was proposed by the researchers.
We can observe only three dimensions of space and One dimension of time. It is not possible for us to observe higher dimensions as higher dimensions are Compactified or curled up.
According to superstring theory, everything in the universe is made up of one dimensional and infinitely small vibrating loops called strings.
Even the subatomic particles are made up of Strings and unique characteristic of each subatomic particle is because of the manner in which the strings vibrate.
It is interesting to note that, frequency of vibration of the string is responsible for the mass of the particle.
But the string theory does not answer two important questions related to strings, what these tiny strings are made of and where they come from.
Size of the strings is of the order of 10^(-33) cm. This size is unimaginably small. This is many times smaller than the diameter of the nucleus.
10^-33 cm is actually millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter.
I know Without giving an analogy our brains can not understand, how small this number is.
If we increase the size of an atom up to the size of the observable universe, then the size of the string would be just equal to a tree.

My dear friends this was all about 11 dimensions. I hope I could answer most of your questions regarding dimensions.