30 Nov 2021

What is Law of Attraction and How it Works - How to Manifest Anything You Want

If you don't believe in the law of attraction, then I want to tell you that Law of attraction actually works. I am sure, after reading this this article you will start to believe in it.

Here I will explain the real Science behind the Law of attraction with some interesting examples. You will know, How does it actually work and how you can use it correctly to achieve anything you want in your life.

First of all you need to know, what is the law of attraction?

Law of Attraction Video


What is Law of Attraction

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts have the potential to manifest in our life. In other words we can say, we start to attract or achieve those things or people in our life that we focus on.

For some of my viewers it may sound weird or they may disagree with this idea. But believe me, the law of attraction really works.

So now let's understand the hidden science behind the Law of attraction.

How the Law of Attraction Works

Look around yourself and see all the artificial things created by humans or may be by some other living creatures.

All the artificial things that you are seeing in physical form now, were once first created in the mind, then it manifested in the physical form.

For example a chair, which is in physical form right now was first created in someone's mind, then action was taken to change it into real physical form. So thoughts have the power to manifest.

Actually there are infinite possible ways to get whatever you want in your life right here, right now. You are surrounded with infinite number of possibilities to achieve your goal.

But your mind is not programmed to see these possibilities and opportunities. So first You need to program your subconscious mind to notice different possible paths that lead to your goal.

Let me explain, how our brain functioning is responsible for the Law of Attraction.

Reticular Activating System (RAS) and the Law of Attraction

Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brainstem. It has the capability to filter out unnecessary information so that we can focus more on the important information and it all happens automatically without our notice.

It is the reason, when we learn a new word of our language, we start to see or hear it everywhere. Our mind starts to notice it wherever it is present.

Reticular Activating System creates a filter. This filter rejects the information that you consider as useless and accepts from the surroundings only the information that you focus on.

This filter is created on the basis of parameters given by you and these parameters are highly influenced by your belief system.

You see and analyze the world according to this filter created by you.

But how it helps in getting what you want and what is it's role in the law of attraction. Let me make it clear.

Here I have a simple and interesting example to help you in understanding it. 

Suppose you want to be a millionaire in next 5 years. This is your target and deadline to achieve it, is next 5 years and you are not able to achieve it by your job salary. As you know that you cannot achieve your goal while doing your current job.

But it's your deep desire to be a millionaire. Therefore, now your brain  starts to look for different ways to be a millionaire. It searches all the possible paths that would make you a millionaire.

Your Reticular Activation System creates a filter that constantly and automatically searches for all the information present around you, that may help you in reaching your goal.

How well this filter works, depends on how efficiently you have programmed your subconscious mind to achieve your goal. I will discuss it later in this article,  how to do it by creating a highly efficient filter.

Now suppose you change your target. You now decide to be a billionaire or you want to be a millionaire in just 1 year instead of next 5 years.

For this you need to create a different filter that would select or reject the information as per your need.

Now your goal is much bigger than the previous one. So the Reticular Activating System focuses only on the information that may help you in reaching your new goal.

Although possibilities to be a millionaire or a billionaire were already present around you. paths were also there to reach your goal but they were not visible to you until your RAS created a filter. Now a filter is present between you and the external world that only selects the desired information for your set goal. You will start to notice the required information in the world that you could not notice before.

Let's do a quick exercise to understand and realize how it actually works.

Look around you and notice all the things that are of red color. 

There is a large possibility that you noticed the color of many red objects that you never noticed before.

But now let me ask, how many objects with green color did you notice?

I know very few. But this time repeat the same experiment with green color instead of red. I am sure you would notice lot more green objects this time. But why this is happening?

Actually when you decide to focus on a particular color your Reticular Activating System created a filter to notice mainly that particular color while neglecting other colors. Therefore you noticed more red colored objects and very few green or other colored objects.

But on changing the filter by deciding to focus on green color you notice more green objects.

Although all the colors are present always around you, you notice only the colors that you focus on.

But how effectively this filter works depends on how clearly and deeply you want to notice the red color.

This is how the RAS system is responsible for the Law of attraction. You start to observe only the things and people that you want in your life or that may help you in reaching your goal. Your brain is concentrated on your goal and you start to see and create the situations that help you in reaching your goal fast. So it feels like you are attracting what you want.

Now I will explain you another science behind the law of attraction. Let's understand it with an example.

Body Frequency Tuning and the Law of Attraction

You know, how we tune the radio to a desired frequency. All that you want to listen on radio is already present around you but you can not listen it without tuning the radio to a particular frequency. The tuner selects desired frequencies while rejecting other frequencies.

In the same way our body works. Do you know that everything in this universe is in constant vibration state. Nothing is at rest. Similarly our body also vibrates at a particular frequency.

Not only this, there is a specific frequency associated with different emotions.

You can see it in this emotional frequency chart.

Frequency of Emotions Chart 

frequency of emotion chart, emotion, frequency, chart

For example when we are in love, then our body vibrates at the frequency of 500 Hz. When we are in this frequency state, we feel love around us in everyone and everything. We start to attract love from the universe.

But if the emotion changes from love to fear, our body starts to vibrate at a frequency of 100 Hz. In this state the person would start to feel fear, even when there is nothing to fear.

He will start to attract fear from the universe. It's quite similar to the tuner example. We perceive the external world according to our internal emotions. We receive from the universe according to our body frequency tuning. There is love, fear and every emotion around us but what we see or feel, all depends on, at what frequency we are vibrating in the present moment.

It's nothing but the law of attraction. You attract things as per your mindset. Your brain will neglect other things and will find the world similar to its present mental state.

A rainy and stormy weather condition may be the cause of fear for someone but others may find it beautiful and romantic. So it all depends on your perspective. There is nothing good or bad outside. It's our mindset, our perceptions, beliefs and past experiences that we see in the outside world. We actually see the image of our mind in the world.

If you read comments on any video posted on the social media, you can read the minds of people. You will see large variations in the comments on the same video.

Some would comment- it's the best video they have even seen but some would comment just opposite of it. So is the video good or bad. How will you decide? It all depends on your beliefs, culture, your intellectual level, your past experiences, your present moment situations and many other factors.

So what you say, is your opinion. It has nothing to do with the video.

We also know that some activities that are allowed in one country or culture may be illegal in other country. So nothing is absolute right or wrong, good or bad. It's all the game of mind.

This is what the law of attraction says, if you think positively, you notice and attract positive things in your life, which results in the positive situations. But when you start to think in a negative way, negative things are attracted towards you which lead to negative situations and negative outcomes.

So thoughts have the potential to manifest itself. What you think you are- you are. If you think you can or you can not, you are right in both ways.

Now we know that we see and attract things in our life according to what we think or believe. We see the world through the filter that is created by the Reticular Activating System (RAS). So it is very important to understand how to create an efficient filter as per our needs, that can help us in attracting what we want in life.

So now I will explain how to use the law of attraction correctly in our life, so that it can produce the desired effects.

How to use the Law of Attraction in your Life

Let's understand it with a simple example- how to apply it in our life.

Suppose you are watching a video. Now let me ask you, when you can understand it better and get more benefits from the video. When the video is of good quality or when it is of bad quality?

Obviously when the video is in ultra high definition or even of better quality with high quality of sound and rich text, then we can get more information and better results from the video.

In the same way, if we want to achieve anything in our life then first we need to make a clear and vivid picture of that goal. We need to see and feel that goal as if, we have already achieved it.

Suppose your dream is to get gold medal in Olympics. Then you need to visualize, how would you feel after getting the gold medal. In your visualization, see the people cheering for you, hear their shouts, see the happy faces of your loved ones and feel the proud moment for you, your family and the whole country.

When you visualize this type of clear image in your mind, then the Reticular Activating System (RAS) stores it as a very important file in your brain. And a very efficient filter is created. Now the RAS starts to search the outside world for all the possible ways and information to change this stored image into reality. Now you can clearly see different ways to reach your goal. So now the universe starts to answer, for what you asked. You get focused to your goals. You leave anything that stops you from achieving your goals and do anything that helps.

In this way our subconscious mind programming is responsible for the Law of attraction.

Now you understand the real science behind the law of attraction and also how to use it to receive what you want from the universe. With the help of Law of attraction, you can manifest your dreams into reality.

This is all what I wanted to tell you about the law of attraction. Please let me know in the comment section, what you think about the law of attraction.