25 Aug 2020

Single Mode and Multimode Fiber - Single Mode Fiber Advantages - Step Index Optical Fiber

This video describes the difference between single mode optical fiber and multimode Optical Fiber. This video also covers the advantages of using single mode optical Fiber. Here you will learn what are Step index fibers and types of step index fibers. Step index fibers are of two types, single mode step index fibers and multimode step index fibers. You will learn here, many benefits of using single mode fibers over multimode fibers and other types of fibers.

Optical Fiber Communication Block Diagram

This Video lecture discusses the block diagram of optical fiber communication. Here you will learn functioning and purpose of each block (stage) used in optical fiber communication. These stages of optical fiber communication block diagram are - Information source, Electrical transmit, optical source, photo detector,electrical stage (receiver) and destination.

12 Aug 2020

Funny Robot Showing its Yoga Skills | Robotic Arm (Robotic Hand) and Leg Movements | Robot Degrees of Freedom

This video displays a robot. You will see in this video the robotic arm movement (robotic hand movement) and robotic leg movement. This Robot moves its body and generates different kinds of sounds as it moves its body parts.
You will surely Enjoy this funny robot. In this video this robot shows the movement of hands, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, legs, head and more...
So enjoy this robotic engineering project.

Funny Robot Showing Yoga Skills