8 Feb 2024

Why Insects Are Attracted To Light

Friends you have probably seen insects flying around street lights, porch lights or even a campfire flame. But why these bugs are attracted towards light? Actually different types of bugs exhibit different response to light.

1. Navigation by moonlight or sunlight

It is believed that many insects use natural light sources like the moon or the sun for navigation purpose. It is similar to, how sailors used to rely on stars to guide their ships. So when an insect sees artificial light; it gets confused. It flies towards the light source and starts to circle around it.

2. Bugs are in search of nectar

Some bugs feed on the nectar obtained from the flowers. Some of these flowers are known to reflect ultraviolet light. Some light bulbs also give off small amount of UV light, which makes hungry bugs to mistake a bulb for a flower.

3. Bugs are Trying to Escape from Predators

There is one more explanation for why insects are attracted towards light. Actually when an insect sees light, it thinks that the path is clear and is not blocked by any predator or the obstacle. In this way, light is an indication of escape from potential danger for insects. This might explain why some insects fly right into the light source and crash into it.

4. Predators searching for food

There are some predators that move around light sources in search of meal because they know they would get plenty of insects there. Some other insects hang around light also in search of a mate.

So friends, these were some possible explanations for why insects get attracted towards light.

Why are bugs attracted to light?

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