12 Oct 2022

Scientists Discovered A Massive Ocean Near Earth's Core 3 Times Bigger Than All Oceans Combined

Scientists Discover Ocean Near Earths Core. A massive ocean, almost 3 times bigger than all oceans present on Earth, has been discovered near Earth's core. This was announced by scientists from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. 

This gigantic reservoir of water is present between the upper and lower mantles of the Earth.

This groundbreaking discovery shows that Earth's water cycle also involves our planet's interior.

Our scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades.

This underground reservoir of water is present at the depth of nearly 700 kilometers.

Scientists have discovered an ocean nearly times bigger than all the oceans on Earth  combined, near earth's core
Massive Ocean Near Earth Core Detected

According to the most prominent theory, water present on earth came from outer space by asteroids or comets.

This theory says, the primordial inner solar system was too hostile for water to form or exist on the Earth in any form.

The hydrogen atoms would strip away from the molecule of water due to intense ultraviolet light from the young sun.

Therefore it is believed that water was formed farther out in the solar system. This water was carried to earth by asteroids, when they later crashed into much cooler earth.

But after this new discovery, scientists suggest that actually oceans oozed out of the early Earth's interior. This underground water cycle back up gradually due to tectonic plates.

According to the researchers, molecules of water are trapped inside a blue rock called "Ringwoodite" which is situated in the mantle layer of Earth.

Here you need to know that Mantle is found between the crust and core of the Earth.

The Ringwoodite's crystal structure has a special quality that it attracts hydrogen and can trap large amounts of water inside it, like a sponge.

Hence it has been confirmed that oceans enter the transition zone with subducting plates, which was just a theory for a long time.