6 Jun 2021

5th Dimension Explained - Fifth Dimension Explained - Higher Dimensions Explained

Here I'll explain the 5th dimension in detail. In this article you will understand- What we mean by a 5 dimensional space and How we can visualize the fifth dimensional space geometrically. It also answers, Why the researchers think that there must be a fifth dimension and why they needed the 5th dimension. It also covers why the fifth dimension cannot be observed directly by humans and most importantly, What is the scientific evidence for the existence of the fifth dimension?
You will also get familiar with the supernatural powers that a person living in the fifth dimension would have and the limitations of the fifth dimensional world that are not present in the dimensions higher than the 5th dimension. 

Fifth Dimension Explained (Advanced)


Friends now I will answer each of these questions about the 5th dimension one by one- 

What we mean by a 5 dimensional space?

As clear by the name, a five dimensional space is a space having five dimensions. But you may ask what is a dimension?
Actually Dimension of a point is defined as the minimum number of coordinates that are needed to specify that point in it.
So to represent a 5 dimensional object we need 5 coordinates.
For example to represent a straight line we need only one co-ordinate that is length, therefore it is one dimensional. To represent a surface we need 2 coordinates- length and width, so it is 2 dimensional or 2D. In the same way 3 coordinates are needed to specify a solid object these are length, width and height. Therefore it is called a 3 dimensional or 3D object.
Similarly 5 coordinates are required to represent a 5 dimensional object.

How we can represent a 5 dimensional space geometrically?

A single dot is the geometrical representation of the zeroth dimension. 0th dimension does not have any length, width or height.
Now let me tell you one important concept-
"To get the next higher dimension all we need to do is to double the number of points."
Therefore by doubling the number of points we have now two points. And this is the geometrical representation of the first dimension. By joining these two points we get a straight line which is nothing but a one dimensional object having only one dimension of length.
Now again double the number of points to get to the next higher dimension i.e. the second dimension.
Therefore In the second dimension we have four points and by joining these 4 points, we get a plane surface which is a two dimensional object. For representing a two-dimensional object two coordinates- length and width are required.
Now on doubling the number of points again we enter into the next higher dimension i.e. the 3rd dimension. Here we have 8 points. We can join the points as shown in the video to get a 3 dimensional solid object. We need three coordinates- length, width and height to represent the 3 dimensional solid object geometrically.
To go to the Fourth dimension double the number of points once again. This time we have 16 points. As you can see in the video, this 4 dimensional structure is created by joining the respective points of two, 3D structures.
Now if we double the number of points, that are present in the four dimensional structure, we get a structure of next higher dimension i.e. the 5th dimension. You can count that this five dimensional structure has 32 points. On joining these points as indicated in the article we get a 5 dimensional structure.
So friends this is the way how we can represent a five dimensional structure geometrically step by step.

Why the researchers believe in the presence of the fifth dimension and why they needed the 5th dimension?

Actually researchers wanted to develop a theory that unifies the four fundamental forces in nature which are- electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces. For this they needed a five dimensional space.
In 1921, A German mathematician Theodor Kaluza and Swedish physicist Oskar Klein independently developed a theory known as the Kaluza-Klein theory. The Kaluza-Klein theory used the 5th dimension for unifying two fundamental forces in nature; gravity and electromagnetic force. But later it was found that their approaches were partially inaccurate.

Why the fifth dimension cannot be observed directly by humans?

Klein suggested that the fifth dimension would be rolled up into a tiny and compact loop and this loop is on the order of 10(-33cm).
Under this reasoning, Klein envisioned light as a disturbance caused by rippling in the higher dimension, which is just beyond the perception of humans.
To make it more simple, lets take a simple analogy-
Suppose there is a fish in a pond. When it rains, ripples are created in the water of pond because of the raindrops. But the fish present in the water can only see Shadows of ripples across the surface of the water.
Although the gravity and electromagnetic forces seem unrelated but introduction of the fifth dimension can help in finding connection between these forces.
Later, the idea of superstring theory and supergravity provided a strong support to the Kaluza-Klein Theory.
Actually according to the superstring theory, everything in this universe is made up of tiny vibrating loops, known as strings and these strings vibrate in 11 dimensions. Therefore it made the scientists believe that there are at least 11 dimensions in the universe. Hence Kaluza-Klein theory suggesting 5 dimensions of space was supported by the superstring theory.

What is the scientific evidence for the existence of the fifth dimension?

Although We cannot directly observe the fifth dimension but it is possible to record indirect evidence of existence of the 5th dimension. It has been made possible by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). But how does it work?
When the subatomic particles collide in the Large Hadron Collider, new particles are produced including graviton.
It was found that the graviton escapes from the fourth dimension and leaks off into a 5 dimensional bulk.

What are the supernatural powers that a person living in the fifth dimension would possess?

A 5th dimensional being would have all the powers that a lower dimensional being has along with many extra capabilities.
A being of 5 dimensions would be able to control time as per his wish. He would be able to move in any direction in time - past or future.
It would be possible for him to be present at different locations simultaneously. The 5th Dimensional being would be able to choose different career paths or job at the same time.
For example he may choose the professions of a doctor, an engineer and an artist simultaneously.
Actually parallel universes exist in the five dimensional space. Therefore in 5 dimensional space you may have different self versions of yourself in parallel universes. Your different self versions would have separate timelines, so they will live their lives independently.
Lives of different versions of yourself in different universes having separate timelines will be based on cause and effect. It means it will be based on the decisions made by your self versions living in different universes.

What are limitations of the fifth dimensional world?

One major limitation of this dimension is- there are no shortcuts between the timelines. You cannot jump directly from a point on one timeline to another point on other timeline.
It means if you want to meet your self version living in another parallel universe, then you cannot meet him directly. As I have already mentioned that the 5th dimension is based on cause and effect, therefore to meet your another self version you will have to go to the point of cause in past on the timeline.
But the dimensions higher than the fifth dimension are free from this limitation. It means there are shortcuts between the timelines.