30 Sept 2020

Google Tricks (Google Mirror, Google Space, Askew Google, Google Gravity, Google Underwater, Voxels)

In this video you will get new Google Tricks that you may not have seen before. Here is the collection of new 9 Google Tricks that you would love. You must try all of these Amazing google tricks.

Following Google Tricks are covered in this video

1.Water Type Mr. Doob (Water Type)
2.Askew/Tilt Google
3.Google Mirror
4.Google Space
6.Voxels Liquid
7.Google in 1998
8.Google Gravity and
9.Google Underwater

Google Tricks Video

Credits: Google and Mr. Doob

29 Sept 2020

Google Gravity - Google Gravity im Feeling Lucky - Google Zero Gravity - Google gra

Here you will enjoy the amazing google trick known as GOOGLE GRAVITY. For google gravity to work, all you need to do is, just type google gravity in google search. Then click on the top google search result - google gravity - mr. doob.

In google gravity google trick you can play with whatever is written on the screen just by throwing everything with the help of your your mouse. Google gravity trick can also be searched by other names like google no gravity, google low gravity, google zero gravity, no gravity google or google gravitation etc. Google gravity is my favorite google trick.

Google Gravity

24 Sept 2020

What is Consciousness - Where is Consciousness Located in the Brain - Artificial Consciousness

This exciting article discusses, What is consciousness. What is the level of consciousness of non living things and different forms of life on earth. Where is Consciousness Located in the Brain and can we make a computer conscious just by running the simulation of a human brain on a computer (Artificial Consciousness). So Let's understand the mystery of consciousness from a different point of view. So let's first start with...What is the Consciousness?

What is Consciousness (Definition of Consciousness)

In simplest words we can say, consciousness is the Awareness of internal or external existence. So it is the consciousness that makes us feel, understand and respond to our surroundings and our inner self. It is because of the consciousness that we can understand that one day we were born and someday we will die.

What is the level of consciousness of non-living things and different forms of life on earth

So we can say that a tree is more conscious than a stone. Because a tree can respond to its environment in many ways like they can adapt to their environment, make their own food and lots of other things but a stone cannot do anything like that. In the same way, an insect is more conscious than a tree. Most animals are more conscious than insects and similarly human is more conscious than all the animals because humans can respond to their environment and surroundings in much more intelligent ways in comparison to other forms of life. We are conscious about our existence that we are living. We can remember and feel the past memories and experiences. we can feel the present moment and also can predict the future on the basis of our past memories and intelligence.

You can easily understand, how a person cannot respond to its surroundings when he or she is unconscious or in other words unaware. Here it is a very important to note that consciousness and intelligence are two different things. A super intelligent robot or a supercomputer can be more intelligent in terms of analytical skills, memory, ability to predict on the basis of large amounts of data provided to it and in many other ways but is not at all conscious about its own existence. Even a tree or insect is far more conscious than the most advanced supercomputer that we have.

The Concept of Artificial Intelligence

According to researchers, even a sophisticated simulation of human brain running on a digital computer cannot be conscious. We can never create a conscious computer just by programming the computer for consciousness. it would just be simply a computer doing a task for which it has been programmed, but completely unaware of its own existence.

It is similar to the fact that just by simulating the immense gravitational pull of a black hole on a computer does not actually deform the space time fabric around the computer. But Harvard scientists think that they might be very close to pinpoint the location of consciousness in our brain.

Where is Consciousness Located in the Brain

According to researcher Michael Fox from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre at Harvard Medical School- "For the first time, we have found a connection between the brainstem region involved in arousal and regions involved in awareness, two prerequisites for consciousness". So arousal and awareness are two critical components of consciousness. Researchers have shown that arousal is likely regulated by brainstem which is the portion of the brain that links up with spinal cord. They have found two cortex regions in the brain that seems to work together to form consciousness. Although scientists are working hard but still a lot needs to done in this area to uncover all the mysteries of consciousness. Hope one day we will know all about consciousness that gives us the feeling of our own existence as a living being. Stay conscious!!!

What is Consciousness Video

19 Sept 2020

Buddha Quotes - Buddhism Quotes - Gautam Buddha Quotes - Buddha Quotes on Life

These Top Buddha Quotes can change your life for ever. You will surely be highly inspired by these Buddhism Quotes. All the Gautam Buddha Quotes are filled with pure wisdom. Lord Gautam Buddha had the deepest understanding of the Human Psychology and behavior.

In this video you will find the best quotes by Buddha on various topics like - Buddha Quotes on Life, Buddha Quotes on Love, Buddha Quotes on Peace, Buddha Quotes on Happiness, Buddha Quotes on Anger, Buddha Quotes on Relationships and Friendships and so on. I am sure you will love these Famous Quotes by Buddha and it will help you in transforming your life for better.

Buddha Quotes Video


40 Human Psychology Facts - Psychological Facts - Psychology of Human Behavior Facts

In this video you will learn 40 amazing Human Psychology Facts. These psychological facts will help you in understanding the Psychology of Human Behavior. I am sure you are going to love all the facts on human psychology.  

Although you may be knowing some of the psychology facts but you would definitely find many new facts about human psychology. Every psychological fact will help you in understanding human behavior and different types of human personalities in a better way. 

Psychology of Human Behavior Facts Video

9 Sept 2020

Imagination Power of Mind - Reality is an illusion - You Can Create Your Own Reality (HINDI)

How You Can Create Your Own Reality

This video is about the imagination power of mind. In this video I will show you how you can create your own reality. Actually there is no reality, because everyone in this world observes it with his or her own perspective. Any event has different meanings to different people. So in other words, reality is an illusion.

One important weakness of our brain is- It cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. So we can use this weakness of brain for our own purpose to create our desired reality. We can imagine what we want and our reality will literally change according to our imagination.

Imagination Power of Mind Video

7 Wonders of the World - 7 Wonders of the World Google Earth - Seven Wonders of the Modern World

In this Amazing Video you will see Real Pictures of the 7 Wonders of the World on Google Earth. All the seven wonders of the World are covered here. The 7 wonders shown here are the seven wonders of modern world. On google earth you can see how the seven wonders look in the present time (Aerial View).

Seven Wonders of the Modern World

1.Colosseum (Amphitheatre in Rome, Italy) 2.Christ the Redeemer (Statue created in 1931) 3.Taj Mahal (Mausoleum in Agra Utter Pradesh) 4.Great Wall of China 5.Machu Picchu (Peru) 6.Chichen Itza 7.Petra (Jordan)

Seven Wonders of the Modern World Video

Credits: Google Earth

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube Android - YouTube Dark Mode Android - Dark Theme on YouTube

Here you will learn How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube Android. You can easily turn on dark mode (Night Mode or Dark Theme) by following these simple steps.

Why you should Enable Dark Mode on YouTube (Benefits)

Do you know that switching to dark mode, videos stand out against the dark background for much better visibility. Dark theme helps in reducing glare and improving night viewing. In dark mode White text is written on black background while in light mode, dark text is written on light background. You can also try the dark mode on your desktop.

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube Android Video

How Many Dimensions are There in the Universe - Dimensions according to Super String Theory, M Theory and Bosonic String Theory

How Many Dimensions are there in the Universe according to different Theories

Here we will learn, how many dimensions are there in the universe according to different theories and why we find it impossible to perceive higher dimensions. Here you will know number of existing dimensions according to Classical Physics, Superstring Theory, M Theory and Bosonic String Theory.

Dimensions according to Classical Physics

According to classical physics there are 3 dimensions of space and the fourth dimension is the time. Any object in the first dimension would have only one dimension i.e. length. If someone is living in a one dimensional Universe then he would be able to move in a straight line only. There would be no left and right or up and down for him. A straight line is an example of one dimensional object. While for two dimensional objects we have one more dimension added to it. So it would be a plain object having Length and breadth. A person living in a two dimensional universe can move freely in a plain only but cannot leave that plain. For him there would be no up or down. A square or a rectangle are examples of two dimensional objects. On adding one more dimension to a two dimensional universe, we enter into a three dimensional universe. Actually we live in a three dimensional universe where we can move in any direction in space. We can move in a straight line, take left or right turns or move in up or down directions as per our wish. Spheres, pyramids, cube and all the humans, animals are examples of three dimensional objects. So these were the first three dimensions of space according to classical physics. Actually we don't live in three dimensions of space only. We also live in a one more dimension known as time. In space we can move in any desired direction in all the 3 dimensions but in the fourth dimension time we can only move in the forward direction. Now we will discuss how many dimensions are there according to different theories.

Dimensions according to Super String Theory, M Theory and Bosonic String Theory

Actually for mathematical consistency of string theory extra dimensions of spacetime are required. Superstring theory requires 10 spacetime dimensions while according to M theory there are total 11 dimensions. In Bosonic string theory spacetime is 26 dimensional. But now the question arises, if there are so many dimensions, why we are able to perceive only first 4 dimensions? Why we can not experience higher dimensions?

Why We Can Not Perceive Higher Dimensions?

Actually according to some studies extra dimensions may be "curled up" at extremely small scales. The scale is too small to be visible to current experiments. It is very hard to imagine higher dimensions for our brain as we live in a 3 dimensional universe. Its similar to a case where for a person living in 2 dimensional space, it's very difficult to imagine a 3 dimensional world. This is the reason why we can not perceive higher dimensions.

How Many Dimensions are There in the Universe Video