7 Jul 2022

Planets and Stars Size Comparison - Planets Size Comparison- Stars Size Comparison- Size of Universe

In this video you will get the Planets and Stars Size Comparison in 3D. Planets size of our Solar System has been compared along with the star size comparison. Our universe contains planets and stars of different sizes. This video will help you to get an idea about how much different is there in the sizes of Planets and Stars in the universe. You can observe the comparison of sizes of our planet earth with other Planets and comparison of size of sun with other stars.
You will realize how small is our Planet earth and our star sun in comparison to other planets and stars.

Planets and Stars Size Comparison

This video covers the size comparison of the following planets and stars along with their diameters in kilometers-
Diameter of Moon 3500 km
Diameter of Mercury 4900 km
Diameter of Mars 6800 km
Diameter of Venus 12000 km
Diameter of Earth 13000 km
Diameter of Neptune 50000 km
Diameter of Uranus 51000 km
Diameter of Saturn 120000 km
Diameter of Jupiter 140000 km
Diameter of Proxima Centauri 200000 km
Diameter of the Sun 1400000 km
Diameter of Sirius A 2500000 km
Diameter of Vega 3800000 km
Diameter of Arcturus 36000000 km
Diameter of Rigel 97000000 km
Diameter of Betelgeuse 1300000000 km
Diameter of VY Canis Majoris 2000000000 km
Diameter of UY Scuti 2400000000 km

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