31 Aug 2023

Power of Your Mind Can Transform Food into Medicine or Poison - Mind Body Connection

A study was conducted at Ohio State University that involved feeding extremely high cholesterol diet to rabbits. Surprisingly, one group of rabbits never got high cholesterol levels.
Upon investigation, it was discovered that the technician who was feeding to that group of rabits was treating them with great affection instead of simply throwing food at them.
The technician would cuddle them and kiss them and feed the same poisonous food.
Because of this loving treatment, a miracle happened.
The brain and body of those rabits developed so strong chemicals that turned the cholesterol into a completely different metabolic pathway.
This experiment proved that it's not just about what you eat, but it's your mental state and your awareness while eating.
Negative emotions or negative mental state can turn your nutritious food into poison by releasing harmful chemicals. On the other hand, if you are happy and feel grateful for the food, nature and others then even a low nutritious food can do wonders for your physical and mental health.
So be aware of your thoughts, when you eat. Never forget, You are actually eating your thoughts not just the food.

Your Mind Can Change Food into Medicine or Poison Video

29 Aug 2023

4 Dimensions of Energy - Physical Energy, Emotional Energy, Mental Energy and Spiritual Energy

In this article we will discuss 4 Dimensions of Energy. These dimensions are "physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy and spiritual energy.
These dimensions refer to different aspects of a person's well-being and vitality.

Physical dimension of energy is associated with the quantity of the energy we have.
Emotional dimension of energy indicates the quality of our energy.
Mental dimension of energy is linked to the focus of our energy.
And the Spiritual dimension of energy tells us about the force of our energy.
Here the physical dimension is the most fundamental source of energy and the most significant dimension of energy is the spiritual dimension. 

Now let's know more interesting things about these different dimensions of energy.
1. Physical Energy: This dimension is related to our physical health, vitality and overall physical wellness. Factors like exercise, sleep and nutrition are included in the physical dimension of energy. We have plenty of physical energy when we exercise regularly, get enough sleep and nutritious diet. This dimension is considered the most fundamental source of energy.

2. Emotional Energy: Emotional energy covers our feelings and emotions. It is about understanding and learning, how to manage our emotional state. Let me tell you that emotions like love or joy which are positive emotions can boost our emotional energy, while negative emotions like anxiety or stress can deplete it. It is possible to maintain healthy emotional energy level by taking care of our emotional well-being through practices like self-care and building positive relationships.

3. Mental Energy: This dimension of energy is associated to our cognitive abilities and clarity of mind. Mental energy involves our capacity to focus, think creatively, solve problems, and make decisions. To enhance mental energy we must practice focusing the energy in the right direction. This can be achieved by engaging in activities that sharpen our mind. Meditation techniques like mindfulness can control our distracting mind. Do one task at a time with full concentration. To reduce stress and anxiety, try to live in the present moment most of the time instead of dwelling in the past or future.

4. Spiritual Energy: Spiritual energy refers to a sense of our connection with the universe. This energy gives us inner fulfillment and the ultimate purpose of our life beyond our self-interest. To nurture our spiritual energy we should spend more time in nature. Engaging in practices like meditation or prayer can also help us in alleviating spiritual energy.
Friends, please keep it in mind, these four dimensions of energy are interconnected. So it is necessary to take care of each dimension of energy for our overall well-being. 

4 Dimensions of Energy Video

27 Aug 2023

Meditation May Be DANGEROUS for You: Research Says

Here I'm going to tell you a secret about meditation. While meditation is generally considered beneficial for most of us, it may produce harmful effects, if done wrongly. 
So don't start doing meditation before reading this article.
The secret about meditation that most people don't know is, "Meditation amplifies the energy you already have."
According to Shifu Shi Yanjun, the Shaolin Headmaster of the Temple "When the mind is strong and vigorous, meditation will amplify its power. 
When the mind is weak and confused, meditation will amplify its illness."
It means when you are depressed, angry, afraid or lost, do not meditate because it may be detrimental in some cases.
So meditation is not something that will clear your all negative thoughts in few minutes. It actually amplifies the Qi (energy) inside the mind. Most people don't understand it and think of meditation as a purifier of thoughts. You need to understand that the process of meditation works in both ways.
Case studies done on many people have found that they meditated for months while being in depression and lost their mind completely.
Then what should you do in such negative mental states?
If you are full of negative emotions at a particular time, don't simply sit for meditation. It's not gonna help. It would actually worsen the situation.
It's the reason why psychologist don't recommend meditation for the serious patients of depression. Because depressed people have the tendency to think only the same thoughts of negativity when left alone or undisturbed.
So when you feel highly stressed, fearful or angry engage in some kind of vigorous training, hard work or exercise. You may play any outdoor game but don't sit idle.
By doing this your body will exhaust and number of random thoughts in your mind will go down drastically.
Later after rest, if you feel peaceful then you may try meditation.
Friends, I personally have met some of my friends, who were doing the same mistake of meditating in high stressful mental state and almost gone mad.
We need to understand that meditation is not helpful for everyone in every situation. It has its own limitations and if done wrongly can seriously harm you.
Please share this post widely, especially to those who not fit mentally and are dedicating their energy and time to meditation, hoping for positive outcomes.

Harmful Effects of Meditation Video

20 Aug 2023

Top 11 Signs of Emotional Maturity - Test Your Level of Maturity

Guys, here are the Top 11 signs that show you are a mature person

1. You are mature, if you understand in what situations you should speak and when to keep quiet.
2. You don't take things so personally and don't interpret everything as an attack on you.
3. If you avoid forming quick judgements about people and consider their perspectives and context before drawing any conclusion, then you are a mature person.
4. You understand that it is not necessary to win the argument every time. You value the relationship more than winning an argument
5. You remaining calm and composed even in challenging situations
6.You no longer become defensive or confrontational when someone criticizes you
7.You can adjust to changing circumstances and accept the uncertainties of life with ease
8.You are able to prioritize long-term goals over immediate desires
9.You are mature if you can often resolve conflicts through healthy communication rather than being aggressive
10.You are mature if you understand that everyone's perspective might be valid
11.You are a mature person if you take responsibility for your actions, admit your mistakes and ready to correct them happily.
Friends, let me know in the comments, how many of these signs of maturity you have?

Top 11 Signs of Emotional Maturity