30 Jun 2023

Top 10 Unknown Facts About JESUS CHRIST - Jesus Christ Birth, Wife, Miracles, Death & Resurrection !

Here are Top 10 Unknown Facts about Jesus Christ related to his early life (Birth), Siblings, appearance, marital status, occupation, education, miracles, language, death and resurrection.
The central figure of Christianity is still Jesus Christ, as he is represented in the Bible and historical accounts. Even while there is a wealth of knowledge accessible about Jesus, some details are still open to interpretation or are not explicitly stated. Here are some interesting or controversial facts about Jesus Christ.

*Early Life of Jesus: The Bible only gives a very brief account of Jesus' life from the time of his birth to the beginning of his public ministry, which began when he was about 30 years old. The so-called "lost years" were a period of time that has not been well-researched.
Some myths and beliefs claim that Jesus travelled to Egypt or India at this period, yet there isn't much proof to back up these claims.

*Siblings of Jesus:
Jesus' siblings are mentioned in the New Testament. These include James, Joseph Judas, and Simon.
Scholars disagree on the exact nature of these connections, with some arguing that they were Jesus' biological siblings while others suggest they were close relatives or even disciples.

*Appearance of Jesus: Jesus' appearance is unclear because there is no physical description of him in the Bible. It's important to remember that Jesus was born and raised in the Middle East, thus his look would have most likely matched the physical traits of the region. Traditional representations of Jesus frequently show him with European features.
The widely accepted conception of Jesus as having long hair and a beard is mostly based on creative interpretations and historical cultural images.
The Gospel of Matthew describes Jesus as "being like God's Son" during his transfiguration, which suggests a radiant or divine appearance, but it does not provide specific physical details.

*Marital status of Jesus: Jesus' marital status is not mentioned in the New Testament. There are assertions and theories, such as the concept that Jesus might have been wed to Mary Magdalene or engaged in other romantic relationships, however these notions are not backed by historical data and are instead mostly based on alternate readings of certain texts or non-biblical sources.
Although it has long been believed that Jesus was single, neither side is supported by concrete proof.

*Jesus' occupation:
Although Jesus is frequently referred to as a carpenter or a carpenter's son, but the New Testament does not specifically state that Jesus was a carpenter prior to the commencement of his ministry. He is referred to as a "tekton" in the Gospels, a Greek word that is frequently translated as "carpenter" but this word can also signify a craftsman or builder.

*Education of Jesus: The Gospels highlight Jesus' profound wisdom and knowledge, yet they make no reference of his formal education or training.
It is unknown, how he attained his knowledge of the Scriptures and his power for authoritative teachings.

*Miracles performed by Jesus: Although the Bible lists many of the miracles that Jesus performed, there may have been other miracles that were not documented in the biblical stories. Even the Gospels admit that not all of Jesus' actions were documented.

*Language of Jesus: Jesus most likely spoke Aramaic, which was widely used in the area at the time. Hebrew and Greek were also commonly spoken there, so it's possible that he also had knowledge of these languages too.

*Death of Jesus: Although the crucifixion of Jesus is a well-known event, academics continue to debate the precise physiological cause of his death. While asphyxiation was the usual cause of death from crucifixion, some theories suggest that Jesus might have died of a combination of causes, such as hypovolemic shock and cardiac rupture.

*Resurrection of Jesus: One of the major beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead. While the New Testament provides accounts of Jesus' resurrection and subsequent appearances, the nature and mechanics of the resurrection itself remain a mystery and a matter of faith.

Top 10 Unknown Facts About JESUS CHRIST

7 Jun 2023

The Ship of Theseus Paradox - The Most Famous Paradox in Philosophy

Here is one of the most interesting paradox in the history known as "The ship of Theseus paradox".
Suppose there is a ship. Each part of this ship is replaced gradually with a new part. Finally every original component has been replaced. 
Now can you tell me, is the resulting ship still the same ship or the new one? 
Let's find out...
On one hand, we can argue that the ship is the same as every part of the ship has been replaced but the original structure and functionality is still the same. 
On the other hand, we may argue that this ship is completely different as eventually there is nothing left in the ship that we can say of its own because none of the original components remain.
If we believe that the ship is still the same even after all of its parts have been replaced, it shows that identity can be retained through continuity and function. However, if we claim that the ship has changed and now it's a new ship, it implies that the ship's identity is dependent on the persistence of certain material components.
Here, there is one more question that is difficult to answer... 
After how many changes the ship changed from the old one to the new one. How long it preserved it's identity? 

"The Ship of Theseus Paradox" Explained