1 Sept 2023

Scientists Very Close To Discovering The 5th Fundamental Force - (Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab)

Scientists at the US particle accelerator facility called Fermilab have discovered the existence of a new 5th force of nature. This discovery could mark the beginning of a revolution in Physics.
They have found that the subatomic particles called muons are showing behaviors inconsistent with the currently established theory of subatomic physics.
At present we are familiar with four types of fundamental forces that govern the interaction of all the objects and particles in the universe. These are- gravitational force, electromagnetic force and strong and weak nuclear forces.
In an experiment named 'g minus two (g-2), the researchers accelerate the muons around a ring having a diameter of 15 meters. These muons are circulated around the ring nearly at the speed of light about 1000 times.
The researchers found that the observed behavior of muons can not be explained by the current theory, which is called the standard model. Researchers claim that there was a new force of nature that was responsible for it. Although the evidence of the fifth force of nature is strong but the researchers of the Fermilab haven't got conclusive proof.
Experts say, if confirmed, this would represent arguably one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs for a hundred years since Einstein's theories of relativity.
Current physics theories based on 4 fundamental forces of nature, are not able to explain many things that scientists observe in the universe.
For example, galaxies have been accelerating apart from each other after the big bang faster than predicted by the standard model of Physics. Rather than expansion slowing down they are receding away from each other at increasing speeds. This is known to happen due to an unknown force called dark energy.
Not just this, Galaxy are also spinning faster than they should, according to our understanding of how much material is inside them.
Invisible particles known as the dark matter are considered responsible for it. Note here, the dark matter again is absent in the standard model.

Scientists Very Close to Discovering The 5th Fundamental Force Video