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12 Feb 2024

Scientists Transmitted Wireless Solar Power from Space to Earth for the 1st Time - Space Solar Power

The European space agency has planned to beam electricity wirelessly from space to power millions of homes. The agency is considering to fund a 3 year study called Solaris. It would check the possibility and cost effectiveness of installing huge solar farms in space.
Engineers have planned to build vast solar arrays in space using robots. The solar arrays would capture the power of the Sun and convert it into microwaves. These microwaves would be beamed towards Earth, where it would be collected by antennas over a huge area and turned into electricity.
Although scientists at Munich have successfully performed this experiment on very small scale. But it is still a big challenge to execute it on much larger scale.
In an experiment conducted at the aerospace firm Airbus, two kilowatts of power was collected from solar panels. The collected power was transmitted from one end of the room to the other. This power was used to light up a model city.
But there is a long way to go to deploy it for practical purpose.
Both the transmission distance and power needs to be increased millions of times for this technology to work. But the engineers are hopeful and believe that it can be done.
One big advantage of installing solar panels in space is that it can get solar energy 24 hours a day. It is not possible on earth during night time and in the presence of clouds.
So lets hope for the success of this technology, which has the potential to solve our energy shortage issues.

Scientists transmitted wireless space solar power for the first time

29 Aug 2023

4 Dimensions of Energy - Physical Energy, Emotional Energy, Mental Energy and Spiritual Energy

In this article we will discuss 4 Dimensions of Energy. These dimensions are "physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy and spiritual energy.
These dimensions refer to different aspects of a person's well-being and vitality.

Physical dimension of energy is associated with the quantity of the energy we have.
Emotional dimension of energy indicates the quality of our energy.
Mental dimension of energy is linked to the focus of our energy.
And the Spiritual dimension of energy tells us about the force of our energy.
Here the physical dimension is the most fundamental source of energy and the most significant dimension of energy is the spiritual dimension. 

Now let's know more interesting things about these different dimensions of energy.
1. Physical Energy: This dimension is related to our physical health, vitality and overall physical wellness. Factors like exercise, sleep and nutrition are included in the physical dimension of energy. We have plenty of physical energy when we exercise regularly, get enough sleep and nutritious diet. This dimension is considered the most fundamental source of energy.

2. Emotional Energy: Emotional energy covers our feelings and emotions. It is about understanding and learning, how to manage our emotional state. Let me tell you that emotions like love or joy which are positive emotions can boost our emotional energy, while negative emotions like anxiety or stress can deplete it. It is possible to maintain healthy emotional energy level by taking care of our emotional well-being through practices like self-care and building positive relationships.

3. Mental Energy: This dimension of energy is associated to our cognitive abilities and clarity of mind. Mental energy involves our capacity to focus, think creatively, solve problems, and make decisions. To enhance mental energy we must practice focusing the energy in the right direction. This can be achieved by engaging in activities that sharpen our mind. Meditation techniques like mindfulness can control our distracting mind. Do one task at a time with full concentration. To reduce stress and anxiety, try to live in the present moment most of the time instead of dwelling in the past or future.

4. Spiritual Energy: Spiritual energy refers to a sense of our connection with the universe. This energy gives us inner fulfillment and the ultimate purpose of our life beyond our self-interest. To nurture our spiritual energy we should spend more time in nature. Engaging in practices like meditation or prayer can also help us in alleviating spiritual energy.
Friends, please keep it in mind, these four dimensions of energy are interconnected. So it is necessary to take care of each dimension of energy for our overall well-being. 

4 Dimensions of Energy Video