20 Aug 2018

Job Interview Questions and Answers for Fresh Graduates -Common Interview Questions

Here are the Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers. In this Post you will know the questions that are asked in a job interview commonly. So it is highly likely that you will also have to face these questions at the time of your interview. So you should get familiar with these Questions as it is better to prepare for these questions and to know how to answer them properly. 
Because only a single answer can create the difference of selection or rejection in an interview.

Job Interview, common Job Interview questions with answers
Job Interview

So let's see these top 5 questions one by one-

1.Tell me about yourself

This is generally the first question that is asked in an interview. Use this question as an opportunity to tell something interesting about yourself that is not covered in your resume. Never waste this precious time in repeating the things that you have already mentioned in your resume. You may tell something about yourself that can help you in selection for the job.

2.What is your greatest strength and weakness?

You can use this question in your favor easily. Tell the employer the strength that will be helpful in qualifying for that particular job and makes you stand out from other candidates.
Telling about your weakness needs a tricky answer. You should answer this question in a way that your weakness seems your strength and helpful for the job. 
For example- You may say that 'I like perfection in whatever I do'. So this is a weakness because we know that it is not good to always struggle with perfectionism but it maybe a good news for the interviewer that you will try to get perfection in your all works. 
It's a good idea to end your answer with telling how you have planned to overcome this weakness.

3.How much salary you expect?

This is very important question as it is related to your salary. You should keep in mind that although this question seems easy but it may be the main factor behind the salary that you will get after joining.
It's a good idea to have knowledge about the right salary for that post in that particular organisation in advance. Because demanding more salary than the expectations of the employer can kick you out of the contest but if you demand low salary then you may end up working with the organisation at lower pay.

4.Why should we hire you?

When you face this question, tell the employer about your qualifications that suits best for the job requirements. It is advised to reply in a very confident and focused manner.

5.Why are you leaving or have left your job?

While answering this question be careful. Try to avoid criticizing your boss, colleagues or organisation 
that you have worked with in the past or are working in present. Try to answer in a way that it leaves 
and impression that you don't want to escape a bad situation that you faced in the old job, instead show 
that you are more motivated to work with the new organisation and you will get new opportunities to show your talent here. Never make a bad impression about yourself by speaking bad for others.


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Job Interview Questions and Answers for Fresh Graduates -Common Interview Questions

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