23 Jun 2018

Largest Deserts in the World

Here are the Largest Deserts in the world, their Area and Location and also some interesting facts about these great deserts.

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1. Antarctica Desert

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world, which is located around the South Pole. The total area covered by the Antarctica desert is 5.5 million square miles !!! Antarctica is the coldest continent and has highest average elevation in comparison to any other continent on the earth.
The temperature of Antarctica in winters may fall to -89 degree Celsius. No permanent residents are found in Antarctica because of too low temperature, but temporary residents are present in small number.

2. Arctic Desert

With an area of about 5.5 million square miles, arctic desert is the second largest desert in the world. This desert comes under Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA. Winter temperature may fall to  -40 degree Celsius.

3. Sahara Desert

Although this is the third largest desert in the world but if we talk about hot deserts then it comes at first place because of its very large surface area of nearly 3.5 million square miles. Most of the land in North Africa is covered by this desert.

4. Arabian Desert

It has an area of about 900 k square miles. Its location is in Yemen, the Persian Gulf, Oman, Jordan And Iraq. Arabian Desert receives an annual average rainfall of nearly 100 mm.

5. Gobi Desert

It's area is around 500 k square miles and is present in northwestern and northern China and also the south of Mongolia.

6. Kalahari Desert

This desert occupies an area of about 360 k square miles and covers parts of Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

7. Great Victoria Desert

The Great Victoria desert is the largest desert in Australia having an area of about to 220 k square miles.

8. Patagonian Desert

This is the largest desert of Argentina (South American country).
Some of its part is also present in chile. It occupies an area of nearly 200 k square miles.

9. Syrian Desert

Syrian desert is unique desert in itself as it a combination of a true desert and steppe (low grasslands).
The Syrian desert covers the area of about 200 k square miles and is found in north of the Arabian Peninsula in Syria.

10. Great Basin Desert

This is located in the United States of America and is the largest desert present in the USA. Its area is about 190 k square miles.


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