27 Jul 2018

Islands of North America - Interesting Facts about North American Islands that You Never Knew !!!

Lets see some interesting facts about important islands in North America

Islands of North America 

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World Map (Countries of the World)

Greenland- It is the world's largest island. It is under Denmark and it's capital is Nuuk. Greenland is famous for fishing and seals.

Baffin Island- This is the largest island of Canada and also 5th largest in the world. Baffin Island is in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.

Vancouver- Vancouver is the Canadian island of British Colombian province. This Island is present in the North Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver Island., Vancouver, North american island
Vancouver Island

Newfoundland- In Newfoundland warm Gulf Stream and cold Labrador currents meet, so it has become a famous fishing ground.

Cuba- This island of North America is known as the Pearl of Antilles and also sugar bowl of the world.

Bahamas- It is very famous for tourism. Bahamas is an archipelago.

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Jamaica- It is the second largest producer of bauxite in the world after Australia. Jamaica is an island country and is situated in the Caribbean Sea.

Bermuda- It is a Coral island and an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Bermuda Island, beach of Bermuda Island, North america island, Bermuda sea
Bermuda Island

Haiti- This is republic in the West Indies and is known for sugar and coffee production.


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