28 Jul 2018

Important International Days and Dates (With UNIQUE COLOR CODES, In January to December Order) - Complete List

Let's get some knowledge about Important International Days and Dates :-

World Hindi Day - 10th January

World Cancer Day - 4th February

International Mother Tongue Day - 21st February

International Women's Day - 8th March

World Consumer Day - 14th March

World Forestry Day - 21st March

World Water Day - 22nd March

World Health Day - 7th April

World Earth Day - 22nd April

Important International Days and Dates, International Days and Dates
Important International
Days and Dates

International Labor Day - 1st May

International Energy Day - 3rd May

World Red Cross Day - 8th May

World Telecommunication Day - 17th May

Commonwealth Day - 24th May

World Anti tobacco Day - 31st May

World Environment Day - 5th June

World Child Labor Prevention Day - 12th June

World Breastfeeding Day - 1st August

World Peace Day - 6th August

World Literacy Day - 8th September

International Non Violence Day - 2nd October

World Wildlife Day - 6th October

UNO Day - 24th October

World Diabetes Day - 14th November

Universal Children's Day - 20th November

World Day Against Torture of Women - 25th November

World Environment Protection Day - 26th November

World AIDS Day - 1st December

World Disabled Day - 3rd December

World Day Against Corruption - 9th December

World Human Rights Day - 10th December


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