30 Jul 2018

Important Signs and Symbols with their Meanings (Complete List)

Here are listed Important Symbols and Signs with their meanings. So let's get some knowledge about them-

Lotus - Culture and Civilization

Red Cross - Medical aid and Hospital

Signs and Symbols, Important Signs and Symbols, Signs and Symbols with their Meanings
Important Signs and Symbols
with their Meanings

Red triangle- Family Planning

Wheel - Symbol of Progress

Black strip on face arm - Sign of Protest and Mourning

Pigeon (Dove) - Sign of Peace

One skull on two diagonally crossing bones - Sign of Danger

Olive branch - Symbol of Peace

Flag flown upside down - Symbol of Distress

Pen - Symbol of Culture and Civilization

Black flag - Symbol of Protest

Red flag - Sign of Danger and Revolution

Yellow flag - Flown on vehicles that carry patients suffering from infectious diseases

White flag - Symbol of Truce

Blindfolded woman holding a balance scale - Symbol of Justice

Flag flown at half mast - Symbol of National Mourning


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