13 Aug 2018

TOP 10 TOUGHEST EXAMS in the World

These are the 10 most difficult exams in the world. If you have Cracked any one of these exams then you are among the most intelligent persons in the world !!! These 10 hardest exams in the world are discussed here-

10. CCIE- Cisco Certified  Internetworking Expert

This exam is conducted for the recruitment of internet experts by the Cisco Networks within their organisation. This test is divided into 6 parts within two phases. To appear for the 2nd phase it is required to clear the first phase of the exam. This exam lasts for 8 hours and the clearing rate is only 1%.

9. GATE- Gratitude Aptitude Test in Engineering

GATE exam acts as an entrance test for Indian Engineering students. After qualifying this exam it is possible to go for post graduation courses or join any PSU. GATE is conducted by IIT or IISC.

8. Gaokao

This famous exam of China is mandatory for every high school student for pursuing higher education. This exam is held annually in the China.

7. IIT JEE- Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination

By clearing this exam after 10 + 2, indian students can get admission into the top engineering institutes in India including iITs. This exam consists of two objective type papers of 3 hours each. Only 10k candidates are selected out of 500 k candidates appearing for the exam.

6. UPSC- Union Public Service Commission

This exam is conducted in India to recruit top government officials of the country. This is the most difficult exam in India. Only 1000 candidates are selected out of 300k candidates.

5. Mensa

Dementia society is a global society that consists of people having highest intelligence quotient (IQ). Every country has it's own mensa society. Mensa is the oldest and largest IQ Organisation in the world and is considered the most difficult IQ test in the world. There is no age restriction for this iQ test. The youngest member of mensa society is only 2 years old.

4. GRE- Graduate Record Examinations

GRE score is required by almost every university in the United States for higher education. Many other universities of another countries also accept the GRE score. This exam is available in online and offline moods and is considered one of the most difficult exam in the world.

3. CFA

This exam has been ranked the most difficult exam in the world by the Wall Street Journal. Actually it is not an examination degree but more of a professional stature. After clearing this program the candidate is awarded the 'CFA charter'.

2. All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam

All souls college of Oxford University conducts this fellowship exam. It is easy to understand the difficulty level of this exam by the fact that, every year only two candidates are selected for this fellowship. This is ranked 2 in the most difficult exams in the world.

1. Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

This exam has three parts - theory, service and blind tasting. To crack this exam students have to identify the taste, the year and region of the wine as it is an exam of expert winemakers. Interesting!!! It is considered the most difficult exam in the world.


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