30 Jul 2018

Parliaments of Different Countries (Countries and Their Parliament Names)

Here is the List of Parliaments and their Countries. The countries are given in Alphabetical order.

Parliaments of the World with Countries 

Afghanistan - Shora

Bangladesh - Jatiy Sansad

Bhutan - Tsogdu

Britain- Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords)

Bulgaria - Narodno Subranie

Canada - Parliament

Denmark - Folketing

France - National Assembly

Finland -  Eduskunta

Germany - Bundestag (Lower House) and Bundesrat (Upper House)

Hungary - National Assembly

India - Sansad

Iran - Majlis

Iraq - National Assembly

Italy - Chambers of Deputies and Senate

Japan - Diet

Luxembourg - Chamber of Deputies

Malaysia - Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara

Maldives - Majlis

Myanmar - Pyithu Hluttaw

Nepal - Rashtriya Panchayat

New Zealand - Parliament (House of Representative)

Pakistan - National Assembly and Senate

Poland - Sejm

Spain - Cortes

Sweden - Riksdag

Switzerland - Federal assembly

USA - Congress


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