24 Jul 2020

Static Electricity Simulation | Triboelectric Effect | Electrostatics Simulation | John Travoltage PhET | PhET Simulations

This simulation video explains the concept of static electricity (electrostatics). This Static Electricity simulation demonstrates the generation of static charge on rubbing two bodies. You will learn how the charged body gets neutralized when it comes in contact with a third body having no charge or opposite charge. Hence you will understand the concept of electrostatic discharge (static discharge) with the help of this simulation. 
This is the John Travoltage simulation created by using PhET simulations. The PhET simulation also demonstrates Triboelectric Effect and Triboelectric series (Triboelectricity).

What is Static Charge (Static Electricity)

Static electricity is caused by rubbing two objects and one object supplying electrons to the other. This results an imbalance between positive and negative charges in the object. This causes the body to get charged. This is known as the static charge.

Static Electricity Simulation

Credits and attribution:
PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu

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