21 Jul 2020

Continuity Equation in Fluid Mechanics | Equation of Continuity Animation | Fluid Mechanics Simulation | PhET Simulations physics

In this video you will learn the basics of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics. Continuity Equation in Fluid Mechanics has been explained here with the help of beautiful simulation software known as PhET simulator.

What is Equation of Continuity in Fluid Mechanics

Equation of continuity is based on the principle of conservation of Mass. According to the equation of continuity, the rate at which the mass enters a system is equal to the rate, mass leaves the system in any steady state process.
After watching the Fluid Mechanics simulation (fluid dynamics simulation) you will understand how the pressure and velocity gets changed on varying the area of cross section of the pipe.
Equipments to measure pressure and velocity have been used at various places and instants to measure it in fluid flow in the pipe.
The Bernoulli's equation (bernoulli's theorem) has also been explained in this simulation video. You will learn how according to Bernoulli's theorem, pressure changes with velocity in the fluid flowing in the pipe.

Continuity Equation in Fluid Mechanics (Animation)

Credits and attribution:

PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu

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