21 Jul 2020

Photoelectric Effect | Photoelectric Effect Experiment | Photoelectric Effect Simulation | PhET Simulations Physics

This is a complete simulation about Photoelectric effect. In this Photoelectric effect simulation, you will understand the concept and definition of Photoelectric effect.

What is Photoelectric Effect 

Photoelectric effect is the emission of electrons when the light falls on a material.
Here the concept of Photoelectric effect has been explained by changing the intensity of light and frequency of light.
Different target metals have been used to analyse the photoelectric effect. 
In this Photoelectric Effect Experiment following curves (graphs) have been used to explain the concepts related to Photoelectric effect like-
1. Graph of current versus battery voltage
2. Graph of current versus light intensity
3. Graph of electron energy versus light frequency

In this PhET simulation of Photoelectric effect the concept of stopping potential in Photoelectric effect and the work function of metal (work function photoelectric effect) has also been discussed in detail.
This effect is also known as Hertz Effect. The formula to calculate the maximum kinetic energy from the frequency of light and work function of the metal has also been explained.

Photoelectric Effect Simulation (Experiment)

Credits and attribution:

PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu

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