23 Jul 2020

PhET Simulations Tutorial | Free Science Simulation Software (Open Source)

This tutorial discusses, how to use phet simulation software and how much useful these phet interactive simulations can be for Students and educators. Phet simulator is one of the best open source (Free) Science simulation software.

Phet Simulation Software (Introduction)

Phet interactive simulations is a University of Colorado Boulder project. Phet is a free and open source platform for students and educators to play with interactive simulations.
In this video you will also learn how to run simulations that are in Java . Actually all the phet simulations initially were written in JavaScript but now they are being converted into HTML5, so that these simulations can run seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

Phet simulations App (Mobile)

You can also use phet app to play with these interactive simulations on your mobile phone. You can download this app for Android from play Store.

What Fields the Phet Simulations Cover?

The phet simulations contain wide variety of interactive simulations from different subjects like-
Physics, Biology, chemistry, Earth science and math.

PhET Simulation Software Tutorial (Best open source science simulator)

Credits and attribution:
PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu

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