19 Sept 2018

Microsoft Word Tutorial - Microsoft Word - Microsoft Office (MS Office, MS Word Tutorial) [HD]

This is the Microsoft Word Tutorial for beginners. MS Word is a part of Microsoft Office (MS Office).
This Microsoft Word Tutorial will provide complete overview for beginners. 

Microsoft Word Tutorial


After watching this video you will learn all the basics of Microsoft Office Word. This MS Word Tutorial includes the following topics-
1. How to change font theme (font style) in MS word
2. How to change font size in Microsoft word
3. How to make the selected text bold, italic and underline.
4. Various shortcut keys (keyboard shortcuts) in MS word.
5. How to undo and redo in Microsoft Office Word
6. Alignment of text (left alignment, right alignment, central alignment and justification)
7. How to change font color in Microsoft word.
8. Using Text highlight color in MS Word.
9. Changing spacing between the lines in Microsoft Office Word.
10. Inserting Bullets in MS Word
11. Inserting numbers in MS Word.
12. Zoom in and zoom out the word document page (changing the size of the word document page
13. Scroll up and scroll down the MS Word page.
14. Using word design templates in MS Word
15. Change style of the text in Microsoft Office Word
16. How to insert a Blank Page and page break in Microsoft word.
17. How to insert tables in Microsoft word (MS Word)
18. How to change design of tables in Microsoft word
19. How to insert picture MS Word
20. How to insert clipart in Microsoft word
21. How to insert shapes in MS Word
22. How to use smart art in Microsoft Office Word.
23. How to insert chart (charts) MS Word
24. How to use word art in Microsoft Office Word. Change
25. How to open MS Word document file.
26. How to save MS Word file
27. Change the format of word file (save as word, save as PDF etc.)
28. How to insert equations in Microsoft word (MS Word)


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Microsoft Word Tutorial - Microsoft Word - Microsoft Office (MS Office, MS Word Tutorial) [HD]

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