25 Mar 2021

Why Ocean Water is Blue - Why Sea Water is Blue - Why Ocean Water is Blue in Colour

Do you know, Why ocean water is blue? Many of you may think that the answer is very simple. you may say that the blue color of sea water is due to the reflection of the sky, which is of blue color but it's not like that. So let's try to find out the real reason behind it. As we all know that water has no color. The water takes the color of what is mixed into it. So has anyone mixed the blue color into our oceans? Not actually. Then why the sea water looks blue? Actually, the blue color of sea water is due to the rays coming from the sun.

Why Ocean Water is Blue Video

Perhaps you would know that the rays of the sun are white and are made up of 7 different colors. These are the seven colors that you see in the rainbow. It is also possible to separate the white light of the sun into these seven colors through a prism. The seven colors that are present in the white light are - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Here you also need to know that in these 7 colors, the wavelength of purple color is the smallest and the wavelength of red color is the Largest. Pure water has the characteristic that it absorbs long wavelengths of light more in comparison to short wavelengths. This is the reason why long wavelength colors such as red, orange, yellow and green are absorbed by sea water while blue color which has smaller wavelength is not absorbed by water. This is why, the ocean water appears blue. Now you may think here that the wavelength of purple color is even smaller than the blue color, then why the color of the sea is not purple. So the reason for this is, the amount of purple color in the white light of the sun is comparatively less. Therefore, despite reflecting purple color, the sea water appears blue. You may have one more question here. You may ask, if this is the case, then pure water kept in the glass should also appear blue. Actually Pure water placed in glass is colorless. Then why does this happen. Actually the concept of wavelength that we have just seen requires excessive amount of water, as in the case of the seas. Many times you must have seen that apart from blue, sea water also shows different colors. Actually this exception is due to the excess of certain types of impurities dissolved in the water of that sea. Otherwise, sea water appears blue everywhere. So my dear friends, now you know, why the sea water looks blue.

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