26 Sept 2018

Thevenin Theorem - Thevenin Equivalent Circuit - Applications and Limitations of Thevenin Theorem

In this post we will learn the Basics of Thevenin Theorem and the Equivalent Circuit of Thevenin Theorem along with the Applications and Limitations of Thevenin Theorem.

Thevenin Theorem Explained Video

Thevenin Theorem

According to Thevenin's Theorem, any linear electrical network having voltage sources, current sources and resistances only, can be replaced by an equivalent voltage source (Thevenin's voltage or Vth) in series connection with an equivalent resistance (Thevenin's resistance or Rth).

Thevenin Equivalent Voltage (Vth)

The Thevenin's equivalent voltage (thevenin's voltage, Vth) is the voltage that is obtained at any terminals A-B of the network, with these terminals open circuited.

Thevenin Equivalent Resistance (Rth)

The equivalent resistance (Thevenin's resistance, Rth) which is also known as Norton's resistance, is the resistance between the terminals A-B, when all the ideal voltage sources in the circuit are short circuited and all the ideal current sources are open circuited.

Applications of Thevenin Theorem

With the help of Thevenin's Theorem, it is possible to replace a complex part of the network by a very easy equivalent series circuit.

Limitations of Thevenin Theorem

1. Thevenin Theorem is not applicable to the circuits that contain nonlinear elements like transistors and diodes etc.
2. It is not applicable to the circuits having unilateral elements like diode etc.
3. Thevenin's Theorem cannot be used for the circuits that contain magnetic coupling between load and any other circuit element.
4. It is Not possible to apply the thevenins theorem to the circuits containing load in series or parallel with controlled or dependent sources.

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Thevenin Theorem - Thevenin Equivalent Circuit - Applications and Limitations of Thevenin Theorem

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