8 Jul 2020

World Trade Park Jaipur (WTP Jaipur)- WTP Mall Interior, Food Court, Restaurant, Owner Name, Inside

This video shows the magnificent interior of the World Trade Park (WTP), Jaipur. Here are the top 10 Surprising Facts of World Trade Park that make it special-
1.World Trade Park (WTP) is India's second largest mall and largest mall of Jaipur with area 24,00,000 sq.ft. 
2.World Trade Park was awarded 'Mall of the year' and 'best architect' by BCI India. 
3.The worth of World Trade Park is 350 crores 
4.It took 2 years to complete the construction of WTP. 
5.The owner name of world Trade Park (WTP) is Anoop bartaria.
6.World Trade Park was inaugurated in 2012 by famous Bollywood star Shah rukh Khan. 
7.World Trade Park is a 11 storey mall 
8.It has parking capacity of 1100 cars.
9.World Trade Park (WTP) has a unique display system where 24 projectors are used to create a single image on the ceiling. 
10.There are more than 500 shops and services inside WTP.

So you must visit World Trade Park, Jaipur at least once.

World Trade Park (WTP), Jaipur

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