1 Oct 2018

Rose Curve Tracing/Tracing Polar Curves/r=asin2θ, r=asin3θ, r=sin 5 theta, sin 3 theta, r=asin theta

This Amazing Video explains How to draw Polar Curves (Rose curves) and Its Complete Analysis. Here you will get all kinds of Rose Curves like r=asin theta (r=asinθ), r=asin 2 theta (r=asin2θ), r=asin 3 theta (r=asin3θ), r=asin 4 theta (r=asin4θ), r=asin 5 theta (r=asin5θ)
r=sin theta (r=sinθ), r=sin 2 theta, r=sin(2x), (r=sin2θ), r=sin 3 theta (r=sin3θ), r=sin 4 theta (r=sin4θ), r=sin 5 theta (r=sin5θ).

You will certainly enjoy playing with these polar curve tracing and polar curve graphs (equations).

Polar curves (3 leaved rose curve, 4 leaved rose curve, 8 leaved rose curve) are plotted here and their complete analysis is provided in the video.

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