30 Sept 2018

Multivibrators - Astable Multivibrator, Monostable Multivibrator, Bistable Multivibrator/ Simulation

In this video you will learn the structure and working of multivibrators. Here you will see the circuit simulation and waveforms of different types of multivibrators -
Astable multivibrator (free running multivibrator)
Monostable multivibrator (one shot multivibrator)
Bistable multivibrator (Flip-Flops)

This video uses a online circuit simulator software to create beautiful circuit simulations and waveform simulations.  

astable multivibrator,
In astable multivibrator, the circuit is not stable in either state. The output continually switches from one state to the another state. That is why it is known as astable (not stable) multivibrator. The astable multivibrator functions as a relaxation oscillator.

Monostable multivibrator
In Monostable multivibrator, one state is stable while other state is unstable (transient). The Monostable multivibrator enters into unstable state on applying a trigger pulse but as it is an unstable state, it remains in this state for a short set time and returns to the stable state. Monostable Multivibrator circuit is also known as 'one shot'. The circuit can be used for generating timing period of a fixed duration in response to some external event.

Bistable multivibrator
In bistable multivibrator the circuit is stable in either state. With the help of an external Trigger pulse this circuit can be flipped from one state to another state. The bistable Multivibrator circuit is also known as a flip-flop. These flip flops are used extensively in digital logics. Flip flops are capable of storing 1 bit of information.


Attributes: https://www.falstad.com/circuit/

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