13 Mar 2021

Most Common Dreams and Their Meaning - Psychology About Dreams - The Interpretation of Dreams

Here you will know hidden meanings of some most common dreams. This article explains the psychology about dreams and the interpretation of dreams that people commonly see.

Here the following 5 most common dreams and their meanings have been covered:-

1. Dreams about flying 2. Dreams about taking a test (dream about failing exams) 3. Dreams about losing teeth (teeth falling out) 4. Dreams about being naked in public 5. Dreams about being chased As these are the most common dreams so you will find here also your dreams and what they actually mean. It is believed that our dreams actually reveal our unconscious mind. Our dreams represent our hidden fears, phobias, deep desires and trauma in past life or childhood. This is the reason why we see a specific type of dreams repeatedly. It can help you in understanding what's going inside your subconscious and unconscious mind that your conscious mind can not understand and what your unconscious mind wants to tell you with the help of your dreams.

Most common dreams and their interpretation Video

So let's delve deeper into the secret and fascinating world of dreams!!!

Meanings of most common dreams

Dream no. 1. Dreams about flying

Most of us have experience of flying in dreams. Dreams about flying generally have two different types of meanings. On one side such dreams may represent desire of freedom or independence but on the other side it may mean our desire to escape or flee from harsh realities of life.

Dream no. 2. Dreams about taking a test

This is a very common type of dream. Many people dream of being late for a test or failing an exam. So taking an exam in your dreams represent your underlying fear of failure. it also exposes your weaknesses and puts your capabilities to test.

Dream no. 3. Dreams about losing teeth (Teeth falling out)

Losing teeth in your dreams or teeth falling out can have different meanings. This type of dreams may indicate losing power and self protection. It may also mean that you are worried about your looks or attractiveness. It is also an indication of lack of self esteem and communication skills.

Dream no. 4. Dream about being naked in public

Have you ever been embarrassed after finding yourself naked in public in your dreams? If yes then, you are not alone who has these kinds of dreams. Actually it doesn't represent your Desire to be naked in public. According to psychologists this type of dreams may arise when you are hiding something from others and you are afraid no one knows it about you and you want to keep that secret. Dream about being naked at public places also shows your feelings of guilt and inferiority.

Dream 5. Dreams about being chased

If someone is chasing you in your dreams then it means that you are running away from your fears that you cannot face. In such dreams identity of the chaser is also important. If an animal is following you, it means that you are running away from your own feelings and fears. If some unknown person or mysterious figure is chasing you, then it may be because of some childhood trauma or painful past experiences. So these were the top 5 most common dreams and what they actually mean. You can use the interpretation of the dreams for your help as they tell you your hidden desires and fears that even you may not be aware of.

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