4 Mar 2021

What Causes Fear and How to Overcome Fear in Life

What is the Purpose of Fear and why it is Necessary

There would hardly be anyone in this world who never got scared. Actually fear is the body's defense mechanism. It is the fear that keeps us in discipline and prevents us from doing wrong things. If we are not afraid of anything, then we may harm ourselves or others. Like a child is not afraid of anything. He is not afraid of heights or any creature. So we have to take care of him all the time. But as the child grows up, he also starts to feel fear.

What is Fear and how to get rid of it Video

Is the Fear Real (An Unknown Fear)

But what happens when an unknown fear always haunts you. It is important to note here that in most cases our fear is not real, it’s imaginary. You might have heard that people suffer from different types of phobias. Some are afraid of lonely places, some are afraid of crowd and some find it very difficult to face water or heights. There are thousands of kinds of phobias that people are suffering. Friends, to solve any problem, one must first know the reason for it. It means if we get to know the cause of our fear, then it will be very easy to overcome it. So here I will tell you the two root causes of fear. After knowing them you can easily overcome your fear instantly.

What Causes Fear

Two root causes of fear are-
1. Not living in the present moment
2. Your desires and attachments

1. Not living in the present moment

Whenever you feel scared, you are either afraid of thinking about the future or whatever has happened to you in the past. So fear is always in the past or future. In the present moment, there is only life, No Fear !!! Let me explain it with the help of an example. Even if you are fighting with someone, you will not be afraid. Because at that time your full focus will be on fighting. But as soon as you shift your focus from present moment to past or future and start thinking, you feel scared. You may think, what will happen to my family, what will happen to my children, if I got hurt or die in the fight. In this way, as soon as your attention is removed from your present task which is fighting, your mind gets filled with worries and fears. And when this happens, your focus is not on fighting and your chances of losing the battle are increased. Thus, only by living in the present moment, our fear is gone.
Now I will tell you about the second cause of fear.

2. Your desires and attachments

No matter what kind of fear you have, it is the result of your desires in some form or the other. If you have desire to live, then there will definitely be the fear of death. Most people will agree that the biggest fear is the fear of death. You must have seen that the person who is not afraid of dying, has nothing to lose and has no desires, can not be frightened by anything. Only a single thought that whatever is happening is temporary and one day we are going to die, will reduce your fear to a great extent. When you feel afraid, you need to notice that you must be clinging or attached to some person or object. We do not want to leave that thing or person under any circumstances. And this attachment causes our fear. If you could remove yourself from these attachments and desires somehow, you will find that you have overcome your fear at that moment.
So we have seen that if we have to overcome any kind of fear, then we have to take care of only two things. The first is to practice living only and only in the present moment without worrying about the past and future. And second, whenever you are afraid, pay attention what desires and attachments are causing it. You will get your answer.

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